Stephen Colbert and Richard Dawkins, Part 2

Here’s the video!

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  • JustHis

    That is great, Stephen Colbert is always amusing to watch. Didn’t seem to change Dawkins’ opinion or vice versa, but it was entertaining!

  • Helen

    Hemant, I was thinking of posting this on CatE but you beat me to it! Since our readerships overlap and I wanted to post something people hadn’t seen, I posted a couple of different Dawkins interviews on CatE today.

    They aren’t as funny as Colbert and both interviewers miss what Colbert picked up on – the advantage of the shiny cover that the reader can see his/her face in! :-) On the other hand they are a little longer and Dawkins has more opportunity in them to go into his views. So you might enjoy them. I think he comes across much better in these (and with Colbert) than he does in, say the 2 part TV series he did earlier this year. I wonder if he has been advised that coming across as hostile is not such a good thing ;-). On the other hand, he is as direct as ever!

  • David H

    Colbert slays me. “The book started good, it had a nice shiney cover that I could see myself in …”

    Because of Colbert’s schtick, though, it is hard to tell what he actually believes. But it often makes for an interesting (albeit short) discussion. I also loved his quote about democracy and science. Something along the lines that our president believes democracy makes for the best science.

  • beepbeepitsme

    I will bet you that colbert is a god believer, just not a fundie one.