Adopt a Nun

Happy New Year, everyone!

In celebration, go adopt a nun.

One nun runs for $160/year.

She will pray for you in return.

According to Sister Mary Rinaldi, it’s not just Catholics and Christians doing the adopting. Jews are joining in the fun, too!

So, to recap, the atheist gift list currently includes:

  • The Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Board Game
  • A nun

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  • Yvonne

    I think it is pretty ridiculous and narrow minded to judge the Sisters and their works without really understanding what it is that they do. Did you know that the Sisters do not get any funding from the church? Nor do they do not receive money from any parish. The schools that are operated by the Sisters cater to at-risk children who live in areas where public school do not provide the students with the skills and environment necessary to break the cycle of poverty. The program you are criticizing is not about buying your way out of heaven but a means to give the retired Sisters, in particular, a renewed sense of purpose. They have cared for others all their lives and through prayer, get to once again take care of their adopters in the only way they can – prayer. Before judging them, find out more about what these Sisters do, the lives they live and the amount of work and love the put in all their endeavors. Only then do you really have the right to say anything.

  • Mriana

    Adopt a penquin? Oh can I adopt an Episcopal penquin? I know one who takes my teasing well. 😀 She’s very nice too.

  • Loren

    Their problem is called “Unfunded Pension Liability”.

    The solution is to liquidate church property and buy annuities for their pensioners.