Bible vs. Talibanistan

Remember that Time magazine cover from a couple weeks ago? The one about teaching the Bible in public schools?

Well, apparently Time felt that was a more important (and better selling) issue in America than the resurgence of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


The Huffington Post’s Eat the Press sheds more light on this and gives us another recent example of Newsweek doing something similar.


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  • Saint Gasoline

    Wow, those other covers really deconstruct the American version. Internationally, the story is about terrorism frequently associated with religion. And then the American version tries to explain why we need more religious education. They may as well have a cover story about how cigarettes are bad to the international community, but provide Americans with a story about how much Paris Hilton loves to smoke.

  • King Aardvark

    Just more proof of how out of touch the typical american is with the rest of the developed world these days. Please stop your regression to the dark ages; it’s scaring your neighbours to the north.