Atheist Alum

My alma mater, the University of Illinois at Chicago, has an article in the weekly campus newspaper promoting the book and the Barbara’s Bookstore event!

Like most articles written about the book and the eBay auction, there are some points I would correct, but overall, it’s nice to feel supported by the school paper. And it would be great to see students from UIC at the bookstore tomorrow night.

I went to the campus last week to meet the paper’s reporter, and while I was there, I dropped a copy of the book off at the alumni offices (they send out periodic emails requesting such things). They didn’t know much about the back story to it all, but still, they were very encouraging about it. Normally, when I tell people the nature of the book, I get a deer-caught-in-headlights look. Not from the alumni office staff, though. They were excited about the book, and the excitement was passed on to me.

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