My Book… and Inflation

If you go to the Amazon link to my book and look at the “New and Used” section, there are a bunch of cheap copies available. That’s nothing new.

But if you scroll all the way down that list, apparently there is a copy of my book selling for $37.56. Plus $3.49 in shipping.

(Click on the picture below for the full image)


And that copy is used.

Who would like to explain this?

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  • Gary Charbonneau

    The answer could be as simple as a typo made by the seller when setting the price.

  • Karen

    A signed copy? Does that increase or decrease the value of a book? I don’t know….

  • Patrick Craig

    Hemant, once I get done with your book and the subsequent glowing reviews I will be giving it, I’m planning to sell it on Amazon for…

    *places pinky on lips*

    One BILLION dollars! :)

    Plus $5.49 shipping, of course. No sense getting screwed on the shipping.

  • Gary Charbonneau

    Sorry, Patrick, but the most for which Amazon would let you sell Hemant’s book, or any other, is $2500. Plus $3.49 shipping at the “media mail” rate (though more if you are willing to ship at a more expensive rate).

    Many have been the times on which I have gotten screwed on the shipping.

  • Josh Charles

    Must be a signed copy!

    If you really want to get screwed on shipping try buying a single copy of Skeptic Magazine from The shipping and handling is almost as much as the magazine itself, and it’s sent using media mail, so it takes about two weeks to arrive.

  • Patrick Craig

    Drats! Foiled again!

    The $37.56 for the used copy must be because it’s a gold-plated, illustrated coffee table edition, one that you weren’t informed about, Hemant. The photos were taken by a theist reporter when you weren’t looking, and show any pose that even remotely looks like you’re praying or praising along with the other members of the church. Heck, I’d pay good money for that too! :)

  • mr k

    Bafflinlgly this seems to be quite common amazon. I went on a buying spree a while backing using Amazon, and bought quite a few on the marketplace. Despite the fact that you could buy them from amazon quite easily, some marketplace sellers attempted to charge more.