THE George Will?

Lisa Simpson advocates the teaching of Evolution while everyone else seems hell-bent on teaching Creationism. A courtroom scene (a la the Scopes Monkey Trial) ensues.

You may have seen a shorter version of this, but here’s a longer excerpt. It’s The Simpsons in top form (at least for the first couple minutes)!

Watch it before it’s taken off of YouTube.

(Thanks to Maria for the link!)

[tags]atheist, atheism, evolution, creationism, Bible, Charles Darwin, George Will, Scopes Monkey Trial, Simpsons[/tags]

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  • Tammy

    LOL-Thanks so much, Maria, for linking this.

  • Michael Krahn

    I love the Darwin making out with Satan scene.

  • Logos

    Homer is so cool!

  • Maria

    LOL-Thanks so much, Maria, for linking this.

    no prob. I found it on youtube and was laughing so hard I just had to send it :) thanks to Hemant for posting it!