Alvin Always Was My Favorite…

Lunatic Fringe points out the obvious.

Alvin was an atheist ahead of his time:


(via Saint Gasoline)

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  • From the link you sent:

    “If your Godless and proud of it…”

    “If “your” Godless”????

    Oh dear….


  • Lunatic Fringe


    I posted this in a hurry at the end of my lunch, when I saw it. I don’t claim to have excellent grammar, as I do make my mistakes, but it has been corrected.


    Between being linked here and over at SG, I’ve had more people at my page then, well, ever.


    I was going to link to all the clothing that have an A on them, but I didn’t have the time. The only one I can remember now is the Oakland A’s. Imagine, an entire baseball team of Atheists! I love it.