Kathy Griffin on Larry King (with Uncensored Clip)

Kathy Griffin was on Larry King Live the other night talking about her Creative Arts Emmy Award acceptance speech. An uncensored version of it airs early in the video:

Again, she maintains her sense of humor. You like it or you don’t.

The ironic thing is she has Jesus to thank for all this attention she’s getting 🙂

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  • Maria

    now they’re censoring Sally Field for saying “goddamn” too????

  • Vincent

    I love that she’s holding the emmy in the beginning.

  • Yeah, it’s ridiculous!

  • Karen

    Good for her! Is Jesus too busy helping Hollywood celebrities to bother with Darfur? You have to wonder why more people don’t ask that question.

    The world cannot get enough honest, sassy women who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. The fact that she can do it with a sense of humor is all for the better.