I’m Farked

If you tried checking the site out last night…. or this morning… or two seconds ago, you probably got a page that said this account was suspended. That’s because 302423 people were coming to the page at once. Because my posting on the new atheist symbol was Farked.

(See the bottom of the picture)


I’ll change servers soon. This is getting frustrating.

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  • http://www.humaniststudies.org HumanistPR

    There’s a pretty funny cartoon someone posted on the Fark site regarding your recent Fark incident:

  • http://www.humaniststudies.org HumanistPR

    Hmmm I tried to post it in the comment but the image didn’t appear in my comment. It was displaying in the preview. Oh well.

    It was god at his computer giving a denial of service to Friendly Atheist.com

    (An old Gary Larson cartoon with some updates).