LinkedIn Knows You’re a Heathen

Blog friend Craig received an invitation on to join his friend Christopher’s network.

Craig saw the invite and doesn’t know whether to click on “Accept” or that button next to it… both are tempting!


Damn, I didn’t know “LinkedIn” was supposed to be taken literally… they know Craig very well 🙂

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  • Yikes, is that for real? I use LinkedIn all the time — is it actually a stealth Christian network?

  • Craig

    Yes, it’s for real all right! 🙂

  • Richard Wade

    That’s freaky. That would instantly make me put it into reverse and burn rubber getting out of there.

  • THAT

  • kristi

    Oh, dear. I wonder what happens if you click “I don’t know Christ.” Does the God Squad come knocking at your door? 🙂

  • THz

    I vote for pressing “archive” – maybe it will all go under a rug then.

  • LOL That’s funny.

  • chancelikely

    My mother got caller ID some years ago (she was, unusually, an early adopter on that one). It cut off the name after the sixth letter. The first six letters of my name are C-H-R-I-S-T.

    Guess who’s calling?