Creation Museum Pics

If you want to seem some quality pictures from inside the travesty known as the Creation Museum, here you go!

(Thanks to Karolis for the link!)

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  • Stephen

    I like how they make bald assertions like, “Archaeology has repeatedly confirmed that the Bible’s historical details are accurate.” I mean, what do you even say to that besides… no? There’s no archaeological evidence that a bunch of Hebrews went traipsing all across the Middle East, that’s for sure.

  • Karolis Ramanauskas

    My brain was in pain and at the same time laughing… Wow, doesn’t this so called “museum” look awesome? Look at the quality of the exhibits! I’m a little afraid that it may have a great impact on the hapless kids…

  • K

    Now ask any fundie about evolution and they will say that we believe that man came from apes. They don’t grasp it at all, yet picture 8 gets it right, that we believe there was this early primate and that apes went one way and humans went the other.
    So, ok, I don’t get it. Secretly they really DO understand science and are just pretending? Trying to make evolution look ludicrous by saying evolution means we all came from apes? Actually, I was amazed at how well done, “man’s version,” was in the photos plus, no spelling errors. You know a fundie can’t communicate with the written word to save their lives! Impressed by that, amused by the rest.
    Next time anyone goes to one of those places please use a Where’s George dollar or one of those, “Atheist money,” stamps, ok?

  • Elsin Ann Perry

    This is the first time I’ve seen these exhibits up-close. Two questions:

    How can people be this ignorant? (I guess that’s rhetorical.)


    Who paid for this exhibit?

    (Great photos, BTW!)

  • Old Beezle

    The fundies were right. I AM speechless. I have nothing. My brain is frozen.

  • marty


    Author John Scalzi also went to the Creation Museum, his photos are on Flickr, a lot of which are similar to these.

    He’s also been running a LOLcreashunist competition at Whateveresque, his forum. These are pretty good 😀

  • grazatt

    What was that display with the orang supposed to prove?

  • Siamang

    If you mean this one.

    I don’t think it proves anything… it just asserts separate lines of descent for apes and humans.

    Kind of wierd, as K said, it’s an accurate enough illustration on the evolution side. I wouldn’t put it there if I were them… they really don’t want the “branching tree of life” metaphor to get out there… it’s really elegant and kind of has a memetic quality to it.