Atheists Are Now a Majority!

… in this *completely* scientific poll.

Also noteworthy: As I write this, the Vatican is 100% atheistic… the Pope has revealed his true nature!

(Thanks to Frank for the link!)

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  • Mriana

    😆 Now this is funny!

  • Aj

    The 10 believers in Iceland came to the site.

  • Matt

    Weird, from other statistics that I’ve seen (which I have more confidence in), Iceland has an incredibly low percentage of theists, and that fact is of course completely misrepresented here.

    I guess there is something else to consider as it applies to all internet-based polls. It’s possible that a larger percentage of atheists use than internet than theists. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it were, it’d definitely screw up any internet-based poll.

  • Aj

    I thought it was the gays that liked the polls, oh sorry, I’m thinking of poles.

  • JimboB

    I’m surprised by Spain’s results. Those heathens!

  • Chad

    Isn’t that Sarah Silverman on their logo? Didn’t she sleep with God?

  • jfatz

    …you forgot about Poland!

  • Anatoly

    Gah! I always suspected that Cape Verde was a theocracy!

  • vjack

    I always knew there were more of us out there!