Register for 2008 Atheist Alliance International Convention

The 2008 Atheist Alliance International convention (Theme: Unsinkable Atheism) is now open for registration! It will take place September 25th-28th in Long Beach, CA on the historic ship Queen Mary.

(***Update***: I don’t see a non-student-rate registration page yet, but I’ll provide a link as soon as I find out what it it.)

(***Update2***: The non-student-rate registration page is here.)

The last conference sold out in a heartbeat and hundreds of people were left on the waiting list. They missed out.

Speakers this year include Christopher Hitchens, Lori Lipman Brown, Greydon Square, Julia Sweeney, Michael Shermer, PZ Myers, and Michael Newdow.

It’s not the lineup that they had last time… but it’s still as exciting and large a gathering of atheists as you’ll see all year.

Tickets are $150 for AAI non-members, $140 for members, and $70 for students.

You may also enjoy the cheesy-but-entertaining titles of the talks.

If you can’t make this conference, there are two more major ones in the atheist world left this year:

Make it out to at least one of these and meet your fellow freethinkers!

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  • psychodiva

    so- are there ever going to be some ‘international’ ones that aren’tin the USA?

  • C. L. Hanson

    Psychodiva, you beat me to it — I was going to ask the exact same thing! 😉

  • Siamang

    So close to home. I think I’ll have no excuse not to attend!

  • Siamang

    Hey Hemant, you got a link to a page that’s not for just student rates?

    That link takes me to student prices.

  • Siamang
  • Siamang

    Wierd, the register link only comes up with student options for me.

  • Julie

    Well, Siamang, take a class or something.

  • Siamang

    Julie, you going? Read the hilarious pdf. Mrs. Siamang and I have been howling over it all morning. It sounds like a hoot. Notice that Hitchens is speaking during the happy hour drink reception!

  • Jake

    Is the irony of the location being one of the “world’s most haunted” places intentional?

  • Hemant Mehta

    so- are there ever going to be some ‘international’ ones that aren’tin the USA?

    Actually, a couple summers ago, there was a conference held in Reykjavik, Iceland! It was awesome-tastic.

  • Freethinker

    Any hope that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is coming? I’d love to see her speak. Just finished reading Infidel.

  • Karen

    Wow – this is in my backyard too! I will consider attending. :-)

    I’d absolutely love to see Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It is possible that they wouldn’t publicize her appearance if she were going to give a talk, so I’ll hold out some hope she’ll be there.

  • Hemant Mehta

    Regular registration for the conference is now available!