Stuff Christians Like

Taking a page (umm… rather, the whole book) from the hugely-popular Stuff White People Like, we now have Stuff Christians Like.

And what do they like…?

#140. Telling the pastor what his kids have been up to.

#129. Chick-fil-A

#97. Getting angry that Ned Flanders slept with that girl.

#67. Editing Pop Culture.

#53. Saying “I’ll pray for you” and then not.

#14. Dating God instead of me.

Will someone please get to work on an atheist version of this?

How else will we document our fascination with babies (done medium-well), laughter at the sight of spaghetti and meatballs, and obsession with SEED magazine?

(via LifeChurch and Church Marketing Sucks)

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  • scote

    Darwin Fish–but have never actually read Darwin.

  • I like tea

    “I’m not dating anyone right now, I’m dating God.”

    If a girl said that to me, I would kick her in the face.

  • sabrina

    If a girl said that to me, I would kick her in the face.

    Yikes, I don’t think threatening women with violence is ever the answer. I don’t care if she starts dating your father.

    Stuff atheist like:

    1. telling the pastor what his kids have been up to
    2. Chick-fil-A
    3. PZ Myers
    4. LOL cats

  • Tim N

    Okay, here’s some that seem pretty common in the blogosphere:

    5. Arguing with agnostics
    6. Evolution
    7. ScienceBlogs
    8. Stephen Colbert
    9. Scientism
    10. Referring to themselves as FCD

  • Maria

    If a girl said that to me, I would kick her in the face.

    oh yeah, there’s a good response (not)

  • Susan

    11. Julia Sweeney
    12. Attending movies and/or reading books which have fundies of any sect in an uproar.

  • cipher

    If LOLCats becomes one of our icons, I’m going to have to leave.

  • sabrina

    If LOLCats becomes one of our icons, I’m going to have to leave.


  • I like tea

    oh yeah, there’s a good response (not)

    Hey, that was clever. I like how you made a statement you consider untrue, and then put “not” in parentheses afterwards. It was unexpected and surprising! A++++ would read again

  • Here are five more and there are others on my blog at

    #1 Shouting out “Oh my God” and “Jesus” in intimate moments.
    #2 Lurking in Christian chat rooms and pretending to be a pastor.
    #3 Singing spirituals at Karaoke and changing the words.
    #4 Watching sunsets and saying “Look – a painting without a painter.” so everyone can hear.
    #5 Naming pets after well known religious figures.

  • stuffatheistslike hein?

    OK, the blog is set-up and ready to receive your contributions ladies and gentelmen. Let’s make it fun 😉

    I’ll have to take some time to list it to the Atheists blogroll and build some Facebook group also.

  • Better late than never: