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The Salon article on the history of bananas takes on so much more meaning when you know the true significance of the fruits — and why we should be afraid of them:

… attempts to breed a disease-resistant banana…

The banana men, however, saw themselves not as ruthless corporate overlords but as a force for all that’s good in civilization…

But the banana men’s mastery of spin didn’t stop at catchy jingles…

Ok, you win this round, Ray Comfort.

But just you wait. I’m not afraid of your bananas. I’ll defeat them in due time.

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  • Chris_O

    An excellent response video to the banana video:

  • jdcollins

    Possible situation:
    I start to eat banana for lunch and god looks down on me saying, “Jesus, see how it fits in his hand so well? I wonder if he knows I created it to be like that?”

    More probable situation:
    I start to eat banana for lunch and god looks down saying, “Hey Jesus, see that dork down there? It looks like he’s giving Big Bird a blow job!! HAHAHA!!!”

    Damn you god, I’m not falling for that one anymore!!

  • David D.G.

    I still think the whole banana argument just has no appeal.

    ~David D.G.

  • Tactical Gear babe

    Loved this blog. Im bored at work and its giving me something great to read. Thanks!