Use Your Gravatar

Hi all. You can now use Gravatars on this site when you make a comment.

If that last sentence made no sense, here’s a detailed explanation of what they are and how you can get one.

They’re not necessary, but we would be able to catch a glimpse of what you look like!

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  • Siamang

    hmm… I guess the name “Siamang” is already taken. Can I still be Siamang here if I’m unknownJoe844 on gravitar?

  • Hemant Mehta

    I believe it’s based on email address, not username… so you should still be ok even if your Gravatar username is different!

  • Rob

    Well all right! Gravatar support is something I like to see.

  • Siamang

    Okay, we’ll see if it works.

  • Rob

    And yes, it uses email addresses. Don’t worry about it revealing your address, either, since it uses a hash (sort of a one-way encryption).

  • Rose

    Awesome! And nice redesign, too!

  • Fergus Gallagher


  • Christopher Sisk

    … and gravatar goodness ensues.

  • Siamang

    maybe now?

  • Bjorn Watland

    Ah, photos, how modern! Time to cook some rice.

  • Ramon

    LOL, I was too busy looking at the gravatars, I didn’t notice the new design.

  • Yoo

    And a glimpse is all you’ll get! 😉

  • Noadi

    Been signed up with gravitar for a while, last post I made in a different thread it didn’t show up but then I remembered that gravitar doesn’t like when I use capital letters in my email address. It’s all lowercase this time so let’s see if it works.

  • Louis Doench

    I’m the one in the middle…

  • Siamang

    my gravitars are working on other sites, but not this one.

  • RobertP

    Gravatars are nice! Good work.

  • efrique

    A gravatar is something I’ve been meaning to set up for a while. So here goes… yep, looks like it’s working. Cool.

  • AnotherGuy

    It’s cool that I can also see my gravatar below my post in the preview. Very nice little addition.

    Good job Hemant!

  • rekounas

    Cool new them. The preview doesn’t show my gravatar though :(

  • rekounas

    ah, there it is. I registered it with a different e-mail address.

  • The Nerd

    Now people can view my mug!

  • miller

    I guess I need a less generic name. Gravatar has merged with wordpress, and there’s someone on wordpress with my name. I’ve little attachment to my current not-so-pseudonym, but I have no ideas on what to replace it with…

  • Reed Braden

    I’m just checking to see if my WordPress profile picture is my gravitar, the two companies being merged and all.

    Edit: Apparently not.

  • Evolved Rationalist

    Oh, Xenu…Wordpress sucks.

    Gravatar on the other hand is a WIN.

  • Scotty B

    Half of my genes are represented in this picture.

  • Scotty B

    Wait! Where’s the picture?!

    /just signed up, maybe I have to wait.

  • Scotty B

    Picture not working.. also, last post didn’t go through.

    I’ll have to work on this later.

  • Siamang

    You know, I think it just takes a little while. Mine is working now, but it didn’t at first.

  • sc0tt


    Took almost a whole day to get the gravatar confirm. sc0tt wasn’t available as a screen name but I can retype it in the comment box here and the gravatar comes up based on my e-mail.

    BTW that’s not really me in the photo.

  • John

    How do I look? I should look like a 5-year-old shoved a camera in my face to torture me.

  • Bart Dorsey

    Testing to see if mine works! Oh look! it does!

  • David D.G.

    Well, let’s see if mine shows up.

    EDIT: Ah, there it is! I had to leave the site for a moment and come back to it before my image showed up.

    ~David D.G.

  • michaellasalle

    Trying this again. I’m back much later, and my pic still isn’t up on the earlier posts. I’m going to try with my other screen name works instead (although from what I’ve read above its based on the email address).

    Scotty B

    Edit: still not working. any ideas?

  • Steelman

    Just riding through the Gravatar test area…

  • Jeff

    this is a test to see if I already have one set-up.

  • NYCatheist

    edit: Hm? I saw the image, now it’s gone….

  • NYCatheist

    Sorry, one more try…
    edit: Anyone know why it isn’t working? I see my image appear in the preview box below as I type (and above in this edit box) but then it isn’t there when I submit. Is there a delay? I assume the only thing that needs to be the same is the e-mail address, right? Or do I need to make the username the same as well?

  • Yoo

    The exact email address should work (not a character different from what’s registered at Maybe it’s just taking time for to register your gravatar.

  • J Myers

    Just set one up… guessing from comments above that it takes a little while before it shows up, though it’s there in the preview.

    EDIT: Hmmm… there in the preview and this edit box, but not on my comment. Guess I’ll check back later..