The Rick Warren Magazine

What would happen if Pastor Rick Warren, fresh off his moderating of the Jesustastic Presidential Civil Forum, were given his own magazine?

It might look something like this:

Laugh all you want. It may not be long before you see PurposePastor Rick Warren‘s actual proposed new magazine — on your bookshelves. A test-issue could be out this fall.

(via Mixed Media)

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  • Asylum Seeker

    Wow. “Purpose” magazine? I bet that, regardless of its initial premise, it will just devolve into a magazine where people write in and talk about how much Jesus means to them. Obviously, we can’t expect anything more than people talking about how much “purpose” they find in religion, without ever telling us what that purpose is, and why they can’t find it anywhere else…

    *sigh* Oh well, guess I am just letting my bitterness show a little here. I’m sure the magazine will be…something…

  • Pete

    If Warren and the democratic candidate are such close friends, you’d think they’d be on a first name basis. I think the magazine cover blew it. It should be “John and Barack” not “John and Obama.”

  • siamang

    I think the joke is that one friend is a little closer.

  • Polly

    Is this a parody? Hard to tell.

  • Siamang

    I think the photo itself is priceless.

  • j swift

    Why is he standing in a golden trash can?

  • justin jm

    What does “8 Reasons to Turn Yourself In?” mean? Is that some sort of inside joke?

  • Matt Stone

    I think this is just parody. Very close to something I might construct as an insider on the Christian scene. Don’t take it too serious guys.

  • Tim D.

    I bet I know what the big “R” stands for….

    [/insensitive slur]