Mmm… Deep Dish Infant

I don’t know why I keep hearing about babies in food costumes, but I wholly approve:

How does a baby crawl with that thing on…?

(via omg blog — Thanks to Becky for the link!)

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  • Ada

    They don’t. That baby is too young to crawl. And too young to know how flippin’ bizarre that is.

  • Jeffrey

    Do you like this because you’re an atheist who eats children?

  • theShaggy

    I don’t know why I keep hearing about babies in food costumes, but I wholly approve

    I was thinking the exact same thing. “How does Hemant learn about all these culinary delights? It’s like he’s Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver BUT BROWN!” 😉

    No really, I think the more pertinent question is “what kind of person makes their baby dress up as dinner?”

  • Masala Skeptic

    If you let them crawl, they’re harder to catch and eat!

  • Lyz

    To say nothing of the fact that the baby-turned-pizza is wearing a chef’s hat.

  • FrodoSaves

    It sort of reminds me of Maggie Simpson’s starfish snowsuit. Except that I imagine pizza probably tastes better.

  • Kevin

    You know, even as a joke, it’s in bad taste to suggest that you’d eat that… without extra cheese.