This Needs a Caption…

I love people who can have fun with their kids.


That deserves a caption of some sort :)

"Will somebody get Peterson a mirror already?"

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  • postsimian

    Bottle of Champagne: thirty dollars.
    Soft Lighting: zero dollars.
    Fresh Children: two dollars per pound.
    Making her an anniversary dinner she’ll never forget: priceless.

  • Michael Russell

    I know that free-range meat is more humane, but I just love the extra zing of suffering that cage-raised meat gets…

  • Anne Jackson

    I love that you used my boss’ pic! haha.

  • hoverFrog

    After recovering from the New Year’s party Hemant swore to never again allow his inner child to get free…or any other child.

    Last minute laws pushed through by the Bush administration requiring teachers to swear allegiance to God force Hemant into a new career as a Child Catcher.

    Hemant’s new design, based on a lobster cage, was testing well.

    “Irreducible complexity indeed”, muttered Hemant as he filled in the patent for for his single part mouse trap. Little did he suspect that miniature spies had already found his prototype and were sabotaging it.

    “No Billy, praying doesn’t help. Pull back this bolt and the cage door can be opened from the inside”

  • Zarathustra

    I’m SO not cynical enough today to offer a decent caption.

  • J Myers

    Soylent veal.

    Crating: great for dogs, better for children.

    Red Toddler – choose your dinner straight from the tank!

    Gypsy curb-side pick-up: Place your delinquent children in the packing container we’ve provided, suspend from lanyard at then end of your driveway, and our caravan will pick up your offering sometime between, oh, May and September.

  • Stephen M.

    No no no. You can’t eat children unless they are free-range children!

    CeTK (Cannibals for the Ethical Treatment of Kids) is going to be after you!

  • nullifidian

    It reminds me of this image: perhaps it’s the result of a successful ‘intelligent design’ experiment.

  • Saint Splattergut

    Switching from dog meat to gigglesteak – at least your old cage’ll come in handy!

  • Sandra

    Welcome to the Westboro Baptist Church Sunday School.

  • Jason

    Two men boys enter, one man boy leaves.

  • Tony Miller

    You can take our freedom, but you’ll never take our imagination!

    Crating: It worked for the dog.

  • Kurt

    “… and neither one of you is getting out of there until somebody tells me where you hid Mr. Mehta’s parakeet!”

  • Orson

    Welcome to the Westboro Baptist Church Sunday School.

    That get’s my vote!

  • Bunc

    Caption Reads:

    Creationist Homeschooling Techniques 101

  • Mikayla

    When the dog rules the house.

  • Corey Mondello

    Sh#t! Do you have the key?

  • El Zilcho

    Most people think that the X-large deep fryer is too much, but look at how much you can fit in the basket!

  • Tony

    Life…too precious to be Free.


    Caged by Original Sin? Praise Jesus!!

  • Michael

    James Dobson’s living room

  • AxeGrrl

    Boy A: “why oh why aren’t we in California?? PROP 2 passed there!”

    Boy B: “but PROP 8 didn’t, dear. I’d rather live with you in this inhumanely confined space than be ‘free’ in a state that won’t recognize our love!”

  • Hoffy

    When uncle Richard said he wanted to show us what it would be like if we allowed religion into our lives, I never expected this, uncle Richard, uncle Richard, can we come out now…….uncle Richard !!!!!!!

  • Idir

    The Caged Virgins.

  • Dan C.

    I guess they couldn’t afford a Wii.

  • Codswallop

    OK Mommy, how about, “Get the heaven out of our room”?

  • Bostonbeerman

    But I wanted to be George Bush, you can be Dick Cheney!