Atheist Bus Campaign in… Halifax, Nova Scotia?

Last time we heard of the Atheist Bus Campaign in Halifax, Nova Scotia, atheists had their ad rejected for being too controversial. The ad in question read:

You can be good without God

After a recent Supreme Court decision, Metro Transit is now revising their policies. Here’s Chris Hammond of the Canadian Atheist Bus Campaign:

This is great news for free speech but also great news for our atheist ad. Metro transit informed us months ago that they would revise their policy on advertising what some may deem ‘controversial’, if the courts ruled in favour of the Canadian Federation of Students. We are hopeful that Metro Transit will make good on their stated intentions and reconsider our proposed advertisements with as little additional delay as possible.

The courts did rule in favor of the Canadian Federation of Students and the atheists will re-apply for a bus ad on Monday.

I’d love to see what an actually controversial atheist bus ad would look like…

(Thanks to Shawn for the link!)

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