Talk Like a Pirate Day Approaches…

Talk Like a Pirate Day, the international holiday celebrated by good Pastafarians everywhere, is only a month away! It will take place Saturday, September 19th.

This video from Pontius Pirate showcases some events that took place on the special day last year, along with great music, and some interesting commentary:

Nice work, Central Arkansas Pastafarians!

What are the rest of you going to do to celebrate this year?

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  • great song!

  • For any Facebook people, you can change the language of Facebook into Pirate Speak–it’s fun.

  • Why are pirates called pirates?

    Because they ARRR!

  • As inspired by hoverFrog, I just added my eye-patch to my avatar in honor of “talk like a pirate day”.

    (the patch might not show up until you clear your temporary internet files and re-launch your browser).

  • When I work on Talk Like A Pirate Day, I answer the phones like this: “Arr…thank ye’ for callin’ (company I work for), ye land-lubber. They call me Firs’ Mate Tibbs. What be yer name?”

  • Absolutely love it!!

    I would also like to thank Pontius Pirate and the CAP’ns for staging that “anti-protest” to detract from the real one. It not only squashed the publicity of hate, but also eliminates it from being one more strike from unChristian people who say such things and call themselves Christian.

    Thanks for helping our cause 😉

  • Dan W

    September 19. Arrr, I’ll be trying to remember that, lad!

  • Dan W

    Awesome video- loved the song, and the pirates who opposed the WBC, and of course all the bad ARRR jokes at the end.

  • While I am aligned 100% with ninjas in the ninjas vs pirates debate, I nonetheless must commend these pirates on a job well done. Great song, great message, and great job stealing the wind from the sails of the Westboro Baptist clowns!

    I can only hope that my ninja brethren put in as noble an effort when International Day of the Ninja (December 5th) rolls around! 😉

  • stogoe

    I can only hope that my ninja brethren put in as noble an effort when International Day of the Ninja (December 5th) rolls around!

    I never knew that. Maybe it was just too stealthy.

    I’m going to a wedding on Int’l Talk like A Pirate Day, so mayhap the best I c’n do is drink a lot of rum.