The Silly Ten Commandments

I know we’ve all heard the arguments before, but I never get tired of hearing of how absurd the Ten Commandments are:

Of course, no smackdown of the list is complete without watching George Carlin‘s classic bit.

(via Stupid Evil Bastard)

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  • Pseudonym

    I never get sick of seeing bogus arguments duel with bogus arguments. It makes me wish I was in the popcorn sales business.

  • Paul Lundgren

    I miss George Carlin. I’m currently in the midst of watching all of his HBO Specials, and the 10 Commandments routine (from Complaints and Grievances) is always a hoot. So is “Religion is Bullshit” from You Are All Diseased.

  • muggle

    Um, I beg to differ on one small point. Isn’t plagerism a form of stealing? Therefore, it is covered and they broke the commandment even as they “wrote” it.

  • Allytude

    Loved “Yahweh or the Highway”

  • Saint Splattergut

    cookies for muggle!!!
    i didn’t even realise that!

  • Mark

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by the “silly” ten commandments. I find the ten commandments to be an extraordinary example of how we should treat each other. I also enjoy how silly and stupid the ten commandments make hard line Christians look. Its so obvious that these so-called Christians are ignoring half of the commandments while twisting the other half to the extreme. I have also noticed that nowhere in the ten commandments does it say that gay people can’t be married but it does say that Christians shall not commit adultery but we KNOW that over half the christians in all the churches have indeed ignored this clear commandment.

  • muggle

    I’ll take chocolate chip please. Thank you.

    Mark, other than not stealing, killing and committing adultery, how so? You could argue honoring ones parents if ones parents are honorable. Mine aren’t so don’t ask me to do so.

    What else there isn’t silly? Even the ones that aren’t absolutely silly are arguable in certain circumstances.