Baptismal Flushing

If all baptisms were like this, maybe I’d consider going to one… the religious would enjoy the baptism. I would enjoy the flushing of an infant.

Everyone would leave happy.

The cartoon is Freethunk! by Jeff Swenson.

(via Humanist Network News)

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  • toomanytribbles

    here is, unfortunately, what it’s really like:

  • Wendy

    Uh oh…. Now what will the parents eat for supper???

  • Brent Rasmussen

    Don’t throw the baby out with the holy water!

    Or some such platitude.

    (I’m not very good at this.) :)

  • Jeff

    here is, unfortunately, what it’s really like

    I’ve never seen a triple dunking before.
    That little kid must have had a lot of sin to wash away. I hope there wasn’t a forth dunk that was edited out because the kid came up limp.

  • muggle

    I have to echo Jeff. I was cringing at that baptism. I’m also wondering if the guy who quickly stepped up with the towel wasn’t also a tad concerned. Baby sure had the sense to be.

  • Alexis

    All that screaming was just the demons being driven out.

  • Lehooo

    You’re losing it Hemant! Before, you only killed babies for food. Now you want to kill them just for fun? You’ve gone from mere survivalist to psychopathic killer. Good job! :)