A Bollywood Christmas Song, Part 2

Hey, Indian people… Stop remaking Christmas songs!


I have nothing to do with this, I swear…

(Thanks to Sheila for link. I think…)

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  • Camille

    why do i get the feeling indians didn’t even make this flash! seems a bit stereotypical.

  • Pony

    There’s a distinctly Australian flavour to that. You’d think we’d have already copped enough flak for racist jokes…

  • Trace

    Ummmh. Cease and desist? 🙂

  • Eliza

    three (what?) chickens? Translation please?

    I’m hearing “buttered” but that could be wrong.

    Interesting how we don’t need to see a nose to recognize it as a human face (on a cartoon face, at least). 🙂 <-example

  • Pony

    Butter Chicken is a popular dish at Indian Restaurants.

  • I thought it was funny and passed it along to some of my Indian friends.

  • Aswathy

    Hey, Indian people… Stop remaking Christmas songs!

    But what is wrong if these remakes make people laugh, and as long as they don’t intend anything harmful?

  • muggle

    C’mon the Indian Elvis and his boy band? They were poking fun of the stereotypes. Right?

    Um, think I was wrong to let my grandson watch over my shoulder? He does have the brains to figure out his friend Armand upstairs is nothing like this.