Baby Boots

I don’t know who makes these boots… but I want to do business with them:

Maybe the makers of these boots should merge with the makers of the baby slippers.

(Thanks to Matt for the link!)

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  • Wendy


    Oh Hemant I thought for sure you knew about that site. There’s tons of edible babies (in cake form).

  • Jennifer

    Cakewrecks dot com! It was a halloween costume!

  • Buffy

    Those are just….weird.

  • freelancer


    All due respect, but the baby thing is getting a bit weird.

  • Martin

    You are entitled to your opinion of course, but this really doesn’t do atheists any favours. It’s inviting people to call you, and by extension all atheists, a godless baby stomper.

  • Sue

    I think those boots are based on this cake:

  • OneSTDV

    All due respect, but the baby thing is getting a bit weird.

    It’s been weird for me since the first one. It might be one of the dumbest ongoing jokes I’ve ever seen on a blog.

    It’s just not edgy-funny, it’s just dumb as hell.

  • Angie

    I like the ongoing baby humor, myself. Keep it coming!

  • Sue

    I like the baby humour. I think babies dressed as corn and tacos are cute and funny, and I’m all for playing up the absurdity of stereotypes.

  • Betsy

    I’m with those who are over the baby humor. It’s juvenile and not the least bit funny. Time to end it.

  • mahantas

    I didn’t realize it was humor… Have I been doing this wrong? You’re not ACTUALLY supposed to eat the baby?

  • Nikki

    The boots from Cakewrecks are funny; the slippers, not so much.

  • indyfreethinker

    Not funny. My sense of humor can be as dark as anyone’s, but this crosses a line. Are we deliberately trying to give pro-lifers more ammunition? This does nothing for our case except reinforce the image of “babykilling”, which is decidedly not what the pro-choice position is about.