I Need a New Coat Rack

… and I think I’ve found the perfect one!

I’ll take three of them.

(Thanks to Stacie for the link!)

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  • This is wonderful, delightful, and creepy. =^_^= Soooo lovely.

  • What did they do with the head, I wonder.

  • Victor

    The head would obviously be the umbrella stand!

  • I’m likin’ it…and I’m getting curiously hungry right now…

  • Epistaxis

    What does it cost?

  • I don’t know. That just seems like a waste of food.
    Shnoah’s Ark

  • Gouber P.

    Is it available in ebony?

  • Dude, you’re so edgy and cool with these dead baby jokes. Fricking hilarious man! Counterculture and ironic humor is so awesome!

    Am the only one who finds this crap incredibly inane? Please tell me there are other sane atheists.

  • Autumnal Harvest

    OneSTDV, I also don’t find the baby jokes particularly humorous. Of course, since I’m not a 5 year old, I usually don’t throw a fit when I find that someone else’s sense of humor is different than my own, since that would make me look like a petulant jackass.

  • Yea what a fit I threw. I apologize for being irked by grave stupidity.

    I’m not a fan of relativism; it tends to perpetuate deleterious cultural memes.

  • Angie

    I love it! Delightfully twisted!

  • Edmond


    It is a bit inane, but it’s a bit funny too. But hey, it’s his website!