You Need a Survey for This?

Canadians in Alberta, what the hell is going on in your education system?

It’s not like most American schools are anything to brag about, but at least the notion of secular education isn’t up for debate:

The Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division will conduct a survey to determine how many people in Morinville want their children to receive a secular education.

The Greater St. Albert Regional Catholic Division runs all four schools in the town north of Edmonton: two for elementary grade students and a junior and senior high school.

This issue has been going on for months and the survey is surprisingly a step forward, considering the school board outright rejected parent Donna Hunter‘s request for a secular school back in January.

At the time, Zak at Canadian Atheist put the blame on the politicians instead of the school board:

I side with the Catholic schools on this one. They’re in the business of promoting their silly religion and are fully entitled to receive full funding according to the law. There is little we can do about it other than using it as another example why we need to abolish the separate school system. Our opponents are our provincial and federal governments who have the power to make these changes, not the individual boards who are only concerned about their own interests.

I don’t understand how there could be so much debate over having a school focused on education without the distraction of forced prayer. There’s more information on the issue here.

(Thanks to Angel for the link!)

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