Richard Dawkins Responds to a Muslim Intelligent Designer

How I wish I could’ve been at the World Atheist Convention in Dublin, Ireland this weekend…

When a Muslim Intelligent Design advocate asked Richard Dawkins if he “could be honest” and admit that even if all the evidence pointed to a designed universe, he would continue to say it came about by “chance,” Dawkins let the guy have it.

The smackdown is beautiful 🙂

I was expecting Dawkins to scream back, “Haven’t you read any of my bestselling books where I explain all this in detail?!”

But I guess we all know the answer to that question.

(via Skeptic Money)

***Update***: Rich Wilson provides a rough transcript of the video:

Muslim questioner: about science, he said that even if all evidence pointed to an old earth he would still believe in a young earth becuase scripture says so. I would like to ask you to be honest today and even if all evidence pointed to a designed universe, you would still go for chance, because in your book, you accept that the universe appears to be designed. In one of your interviews which I watched today you accept that there is design in the universe. So, would you like to be honest today [chuckling starts in audience] and say that no matter how much evidece points to design [audience starting to anticipate reation “he is upset”] you would still go for chance

RD: [strongly, cutting off question] How DARE you say, [pause for applause and laughter] how dare you ever accuse me of explaining life and the illusion of design by chance. Darwinian natural seleciton is the very OPPOSITE of chance, and if you think it’s chance, you don’t understand Darwinin natural selction [applause] However to answer you question

MQ: So, do you beleive this universe was designed.

RD: No.

MQ: So, how did it come about?


MQ: I’m a student, I’m trying to learn, would you like to try to explain

RD: Let’s divide the question into two

(I’m going to start paraphrasing here)

There’s how did the universe come about, but I’m a biologist so I can only give an ameteur answer.

The 2nd question is how did life, which has a much much more powerful illusion of design. The universe it self doesn’t have a very powerful illusion of design.

Richard then says yes, he would accept evidence of design, but he can’t imagine what that evidence would be.

“Since you have announced yourself as a Muslim”

and he talks about visiting the very prestigous Muslim girls’ school where the science teacher said that not only did she not believe in evolution, but every single pupil didn’t either.

“So, this is a REAL problem in Muslim schools in Britain”

[some more back and forth]

ME: “You seem to be accepting the notion of design in interviews”

RD: [cutting off] It’s the ILLUSION of design! A powerful ILLUSION of design!

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