I Think God Only Answers the Prayers of Athletes

It’s good to know that God’s priorities are always in the right order:

(via the always entertaining DarkMatter2525)

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  • Larry Meredith

    Football? I thought the starving children were God’s entertainment.

  • Hmm, an amusing video. Though ultimately I think it’s guilty of a straw man argument.

  • Steve

    @Jordon – Ok how is it a straw man argument? I’d love to see you find the fallacy in the argument of it.

  • @Jordon,

    Hmm, an amusing video. Though ultimately I think it’s guilty of a straw man argument.

    After reading a few posts on your religious blog, it’s obvious why you’d make that assertion.
    What would be really amusing is to watch you attempt to back that assertion up.

  • Hearing people thank god for everything in their lives is one of the most annoying things.

  • e-man

    Thank you God for the friendly Athiest

  • Larry Meredith

    God, please, PLEASE help Hemant win the superbowl.

  • Steve, Monster – People don’t always pray asking for something, sometimes it is just to give thanks. It’s absolutely true that Christians are called to be charitable and pray for the well-being of others. But we are also supposed to come to God with all our concerns, because it shows humility when we recognize we can’t do everything on our own.

    Monster – Your comment seemed a little disparaging. I’ve made no attempts to hide my beliefs or viewpoint on this matter. If you felt that my posts were ignorant or uninformed, please tell me so and why.