Jesus Had a Bad Weekend for Our Sins

(vía Jesus and Mo)

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  • LOL, awesome. Love Jesus and Mo!

  • Anonymous

    Cute comic.

  • When did he start covering Mo up?

  • Off my previous topic, but I never thought of that before…it’s not really such a big gesture to die for someone if you’re immortal and able to resurrect when you feel like your point has been made.

  • Erp

    Being omnipotent is probably more necessary. 

    In Greek myth, Prometheus who was immortal got sentenced by Zeus to having a vulture tear out his liver everyday (and each night it grew back).    Prometheus’s  crime, giving mankind fire, even though, being gifted with foresight, he knew how Zeus would react.

  • I just posted on this very issue last week, which generated some interesting theist conversation in the comments.  The blog post is called, “Is That Really A Sacrifice?”  You can see it here…

  • Tasuret

    Mo feels sexy in his covering. Wtf is it called I can’t remember.

  • Drakk

    So does that mean when I sin now, it’s infinite offence all over again and the cycle needs to repeat?

  • Anonymous

    A sack.

    OK, a burka.  The smaller head covering, which can look very good, is called a hijab.

  • Anonymous

    Not if you’re a born-again Christian. That’s like having a perpetual “Get out of Hell Free” card — you can sin as much as you like (and, in fact, be a regular bitch to non-believers) with no fear of divine retribution because you’ve been washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Or something like that.

  • If anyone deserves our gratitude, it’s Judas and/or the Romans who carried out the crucifixion, since they have made an infinitely bigger sacrifice than Jesus ever did.  After all, Jesus only went to hell for a measly day and a half.  The people who carried out the indispensable act of killing Jesus have to stay in hell forever.

  • Devils Advocate

    I’m going to take a shot at the Devil’s Advocate position just for fun:

    While it may seem that Jesus’ sacrifice wasn’t much of a sacrifice, the important concept is that the resurrection represents a victory over both sin and death.  A sin against god does not have to be infinite because of the resurrection; therefore the sacrifice is not required to be infinite either. So, to the unfaithful the sin IS infinite, and therefore so is the punishment. Only the believers in the resurrection are afforded the benefits of the resurrection, i.e. the conquering of infinite sin.

    Bring it!

  • Elliott776

    No. Your doomed from birth since you inherited your sin, which as a mortal, you can never repay, unless you throw yourself in with Con Artists, Rapists, Murders, and other criminals agianst humanity. When your with them you are “saved”. Makes perfect sense!