If You’re Doing Some Online Shopping…

The one and only time I’ll do this all season, I promise.

If you’re making any purchases via Amazon during Cyber Monday (or whenever), please use this link to get there! A portion of your purchases will come back to me and Baby Jesus will cry. Win-win for everyone, right? Thanks for indulging me 🙂

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  • Joey

    Bookmarked! Making baby jesus cry from the heart of Dixie!

  • David

    Didn’t amazon drop all Illinois based affiliates?

  • heisenberg

    I don’t think we mind you doing this, in fact, I wish you’d do it more than once a year because I just through some money into the amazon tubes and would have loved to help you out! Next time!

  • gsw

    you forgot http://www.amazon.de and http://www.amazon.co.uk

    Lots of us Europeans read your blog you know!

  • Maya Kulik

    What heisenberg said!

  • Right now, there are several boycott Amazon petitions making the rounds.  I just want to point out that it is easy to buy from one of the thousands of small merchants who use the Amazon sales platform, and not buy “fulfillment” items that are shipped from the Amazon warehouse.  Apparently the workers there are being made to work in unsafe conditions.

  • jjramsey
  • VeganPhD

    Assuming this works year-round, could you add an amazon link to the sidebar or something? I know you don’t wan’t to look like you’re advertizing or begging or anything like that, but if I’m buying from amazon I might as well have someone I like get some kickback. For now I have this post bookmarked, but I have enough other bookmarks already 🙂

  • If you click on my book in the sidebar, that’ll do the trick!

  • VeganPhD

    Thanks. That’ll teach me to not read entire urls…