Last Chance to Give to Foundation Beyond Belief This Year!

When you consider all the contributions people have given to the Foundation Beyond Belief via widgets, our website, and checks in the mail, we’re not far from reaching our goal of $15,000.

As Dale McGowan writes:

That’s really close to securing a quarter of the modest funding we need for 2012, which has me dancing in my jammies. If we end up raising the additional $2,450 in the next 11 hours, I may just have to sing in them.

Make him sing in them. Please. It’ll be hilarious 🙂

We have some big plans for next year that I can’t wait to share with you, but we need to make sure our own organization is sustainable so we can keep everything rolling. If you have some change lying around or a sudden swelling of goodwill, please consider helping us out!

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