‘What Myths Do You See?’ Billboard Comes to California

After watching American Atheists place a controversial billboard at the foot of the Lincoln Tunnel last month, Bruce Gleason and the Backyard Skeptics group in California have adopted the image, reworded it slightly, and put it up in Westminster:

7 Million Californians know MYTHS when they see them.
What myths do
you see?

Said Gleason:

​”It is hard for people who are indoctrinated in a religious belief with many superstitions to look at their beliefs as myths, but it’s amazing that the same people look at the other religions and call them superstitions and myths. This seems like a perfect case of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance”…

“The billboard is meant to have others who believe to compare other myths to their own beliefs and to reflect on how myths can, thought a drawn-out legend-building process, come to be thought of as real,” he explains.

Matt Coker reports that the billboard space has been leased for the next six months and the Backyard Skeptics will be changing the image to promote other secular messages between now and then.

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