Religious Exemptions Are OK, You Say?

(In response to this post.)

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  • george.w

    Also has serious implications for people who are philosophically against war. Why is that less important than “I was raised with a myth about an invisible deity who taught me to be against war”?

  • Anonymous

    or, if I’m philosophically opposed to people overeating and becoming obese… can I then decide that I won’t sell them their diabetes products, instead demanding that they use a “natural” method… like controlling their DESIRES for junk food? no, I can only decide what healthcare people get if it’s a RELIGIOUS reason… I can only demand that they use a “natural” method … like controlling their DESIRES for sex by crossing their legs and saying no. Such a ridiculous system.

  • Libby Anne

    What I think is often forgotten is that vaccine requirements only matter for those attending public school anyway. The requirements are all in terms of “before your kid starts kindergarten she must have had x, y, and z vaccines.” If you homeschool . . . no requirements at all. I grew up with kids who never had a vaccine in their life, even with kids who had no social security numbers (home births). Homeschooling creates a huge loophole. 

  • Gordon Duffy

     A scary loop hole. Those poor kids.

  • Trevor

    This is probably beside the point, but I don’t think the stoics would have had any objection to vaccines. 

  • Ross

    That bothered me a bit, too.  Quit picking on the stoics!

  • M J Shepherd

     It’s related: some people will say anything to get out of vaccinating.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    If you’re philosophically opposed to getting vaccinated, then you must be realistically barred from entering the school system. If you are religiously opposed to abortions, then here’s an idea – Don’t have one. The solutions are usually very simple, but for some reason, people love to make it complicated.

  • Jay Arrrr

    I was just thinking how the anti-vaxers and the anti-birth control crowd are actually working together. If nobody gets vaccinated anymore because they like Jenny McCarthy better than some boring science geek, women will have to have 8-9-10 children just to get 2 to adulthood.

  • Anonymous

    Only if this nonsense is really widespread. People still benefit from herd immunity. If a large enough part of the population is vaccinated, diseases spread far less easily

  • Anonymous

    i simply think its time people stop having kids. i know this will never happen in the USA because the religious white folks want not to lose the majority of white christians, fearing the “brown” muslim folk, mexican folk, latino folks, (etc) taking over.

  • Lucy Merriman

    Um, also because parenting is fulfilling? I mean, are you a parent? Some people want to have that bond one can only have with their child, and they’re excited by the possibility of shaping a young mind and watching how someone grows and changes.  There are many, many great reasons to be a parent if you want to, none of them the least bit racist. 

  • Bevidence

    Back in the 1960s, none of us were vaccinated except for polio and whooping cough.  We all came down with measles mumps chickenpox & rubella.  I don’t know if it is better for kids to be vaccinated or not.  Now they give a bunch more vaccines then that (i.e., hepatitis – which is a blood born or sexually transmitted disease).  Although I did vaccinate my own kids, the dr. said that for a child to go through the actual disease gives them a strong immunity to them that a female can pass onto her child through breastmilk.  If mom was vaccinated, the immunity is not passed on through breast milk (per that dr.)  Idk.

  • Doctor Thought

     I am a doctor, and I no longer recommend that parents get the full suite of vaccines. Increasingly, the newer vaccines are not for life-threatening disease, but for “diseases of inconvenience.” I have yet to see any research that satisfies my question of whether the children would benefit more by actual exposure.

    Furthermore, as we already know in the case of varicella, the vaccine does not confer a lifelong immunity, and thus we are creating a pool of adults who will be susceptible to this disease when the consequences are much worse.

    I am not anti-vaccine. I am pro-thought. And too often, the public gives us doctors a pass when it is not appropriate.