Jesus Saves…

…the Broncos.

After he missed last season due to neck surgery, the Indianapolis Colts released quarterback Peyton Manning.

The Denver Broncos promptly dumped Tim Tebow and snapped Peyton up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if God always worked in ways this obvious?

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  • Mistletoe Ethaniel

    It’s… so… beautiful… *weeps*

  • Nena

    Well, the prayer technically wasn’t answered because that isn’t going to help *Tebow* win a Super Bowl…

  • The Other Weirdo

     Well, if we’re speaking Technical(tm), the prayer wasn’t answered at all. :)

  • Nena

    True. :)

  • They’reAllTheSame

    And not Tebow is with the NY Jets  …….HAHAHAHHAHA

  • They’reAllTheSame


  • ben

    Someone show me a quote suggesting that Tim Tebow has ever prayed for professional success.  Everything I’ve ever read about him suggests that he openly admits that football is just a game, and of zero importance in the eyes of his god.  He might wear his silly religion on his sleeve, but he’s not actually as terrible as the people who claim divine intervention on their touchdowns.

  • Mike Weaver

    ben, it’s religious satire. Don’t take it seriously.

  • ben

    I’m sure we’d all be saying the same thing when a xtian posts a comic making fun of an atheist strawman.  Chick comics are just satire, right?

  • David

     What prayer? He’s clearly talking to someone in the Broncos organization named Jesus. Maybe someone in the PR department.

  • Chris Leithiser

    “The Denver Broncos promptly dumped Tim Tebow”

    Getting Manning required sacrificing a virgin…

  • Gunstargreen

    And unfortunately my favorite team, the NY Jets picked Tebow up.

    It looks like I need a new favorite team.

    Though I’m sure the drama between Tebow and Rex Ryan is going to be absolutely magnificent.

  • Robert Gale

    Tim Tebow – Loves him some Jesus – throws like Mary.

    The NY press is going to have and fun time with him – especially when they catch him with his BF coming out of a gay bar.

  • Megan

    Oh, good – misogyny AND homophobia. There’s enough of that in sports without the fans adding to it. Kindly quit.