This Is How God Spends His Time…

He has to prove Ray Comfort right!

And, you know, give atheists nightmare fodder:

(via Unreasonable Faith)

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  • Staci Lynch Jones


  • Moi

    A deity knows how to set priorities.

  • Anonymous

    Christians can’t get their story straight about the power of prayer. Either prayer works like the Green Lantern’s Ring for the right people, or else it doesn’t work at all because answered prayers would interfere with people’s free will.

  • jdirtNOW

    can i suggest Atheism 2.0 – Alain de Botton (2011) (just search it…i shouldn’t even have to say google it… i just made a new years resolution… if you’re not an idiot, you can find it).

    what he says is basically ‘of course religion is wrong, now lets move forward’.

    i wish others to try to keep this mindset as they berate ridiculous christians. and no, i don’t have offer guidelines to do this, just try not to be a dick and ask the kind of questions they cant answer and share what you believe (…surely there’s a book about this somewhere).

  • Godless Bastard
  • Godless Bastard