Jeremy Lin Thanks God… Then Comes to His Senses

Jeremy Lin, the Christian basketball player sidelined by injury, earlier tonight:

Jeremy Lin, 1.5 hours later:

Looks like he came to his senses and thanked the people who actually deserved it :)

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  • Alexander Ryan

    Now we just need to make every Faith Healer come to their senses and we might be getting somewhere. 

  • JohnnieCanuck

    It seems more likely that the second tweet was just an afterthought.

    A Real Christian(TM) would consider the medical staff’s skill and training as just a part of God’s planning ahead for this moment.

  • Mike Weaver

    Johnnie’s right. Every conceivable benefit found in life will be attributed to God putting it there.

  • Maik Both

    .. and it will often be forgotten that God, if he willed it, could have stopped the injury / bad thing happening in the first place.

    Maybe I’m just too demanding, but my thought wouldn’t be ‘hey, God, thanks for enabling my surgery to be successful’, but rather ‘well, seems to me I wouldn’t have got injured at all if you’d been looking after me to start off with’.

    Then cue Christians explaining why it is God lets us get hurt, and then helps *afterwards*.

    God is a jerk.

  • Oneshot187

    Miak, God works in mysterious ways, duh!

  • Anonymous

    Ditto the injury too I guess. Religious people praying to get better from a ailment that their chosen deity created in the first place is the very dictionary definition of cognitive dissonance.

  • Rich Wilson

    Do we have a record of any tweets directed at him reminding him of the medical staff?

  • Jeremy Keefe

    There are, although they were screenshots of tweets of which I cannot verify.

  • William Drew

    Lingering effects of anesthesia.

  • Anonymous

    Last time I had one I was walking around one or two hours later. He is already eating, so he is pretty much out of it

  • Annie

    “Lets goo”?  I don’t know… he looks pretty drugged in up in the photo attached to the first tweet.  I think his second tweet is more meaningful here. 😉  There’s hope for him yet…

  • Reginald Selkirk

    It sounds vaguely racist to me.

  • Annie

    How so?

  • Anonymous

    No, I agree, he looks doped up to me. If he were staring at a TV playing “Dude, where’s my car?” I would not be surprised.

  • Michael

    I’m inclined to be charitable and suggest that the first tweet was influenced by anesthetic.

  • Anonymous

    If god were really good he would issue a recall on his poorly designed knee joint.

  • Joe Sampson

    I wonder if I had any influecne on this.  Minutes after he posted I said “Thank your doctor first” Go Knicks!! get better Lin

  • Jay Arrrr

    Maybe the nurses put him on a bedpan and told him to get Gawd to get him off of it…