Choose Paul Ryan (Gosling); Lose Choice

At least something funny has come of this whole “legitimate rape” debacle: The Choose Ryan, Lose Choice Tumblr.

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Lauren Lane is the co-founder of Skepticon, the Midwest's largest skeptic student-run conference and remains a lead organizer today. She has not one, but TWO fancy art degrees and is not afraid to use them.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Just posted one of the images on my facebook wall. Wonder if my friend count will change come tomorrow.

  • Charon

    Love it! But it predates Akin’s comment – this was featured on Rachel Maddow’s show on August 14 (available at – she also explains the context, for those not familiar with the Gosling/Hey Girl meme).

  • Jerry E. Beuterbaugh

    Nope, not the funny.

  • Sindigo

    Let us know.

  • enuma

    I think the best thing to come from the “legitimate rape” debacle is this:

  • noyourgod

     Thank you @enuma – posted the link on my Facebook page.  Can’t wait to read the bats**t insane retorts from my predominantly GOP contacts.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Still have all my friends and two women did like the picture but they are also atheist and one friend I’ve known since childhood, she sent me a personal message saying. “don’t get me started” but she means that in a good way.

  • Sindigo

    I can’t decide if I’m disappointed or not. ;)

    Kudos on having great taste in friends though.