Christopher Hitchens’ Final Book, Mortality, Now Available

Just FYI, Christopher Hitchens‘ final book, Mortality, is now available:

Vanity Fair summarizes it like this:

Mortality encompasses extended versions of seven essays written for Vanity Fair about Hitchens’s experiences with a terminal illness. The final chapter is a collection of Hitchens’s shorthand notes to himself, offering a glimpse into his thought process while writing his final, powerful pieces.

You can catch excerpts from the final chapter — scattered, yet very- Hitch-like — here.

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  • Greg Tomerlin

    It’s an excellent collection of Mr. Hitchen’s final thoughts on sickness, dying, death and life, and I am glad to have it.  However, it seems too expensive at the current price.  Although written by the master craftsman (and my hero) Christopher Hitchens, the Kindle version of this short work is over-priced at $13.  I suspect the publishers are trying to recover some of their lost future revenue that would have come from Hitch’s future publications.  Oh well, it softens the blow thinking his wife and children might get the lion’s share of the proceeds from this work.  I hope so.

    • allein

      You can get the hardcover from for $14 and change (I was a tad surprised at the list price of $23 for a fairly small book, too). Or it’s another 2% less on Amazon.

      I was at the bookstore the other day and read a bit of the intro; gonna wait until my birthday next month…getting my list together and just asking for the money to buy the books I want (since when I ask for books my brother just gives me gift cards, anyway).

  • Greg Tomerlin

    Having said that, all of Mr. Hitchens’ writing is priceless!  He and his writing is sorely missed.

  • Marco

    I pre-purchased this book and it’s probably now sitting in my Kindle. I also bought Hitch 22 some time ago, yet I have been unable to read it and I am not sure I’ll be able to read this one.

    Almost daily I read articles and watch videos and I wonder what Hitch would have said. I see talking heads commenting on politics and news, but they all seem to just go through the motions without adding anything important to the discussion. 
    I miss his wit and profound thinking but it is too sad for me to read his last works, as if once I am done he will really be gone.