Dennis the Menace is Only Doing God’s Will

There are very few bloggers whose posts I never skip and Josh Fruhlinger (The Comics Curmudgeon) is one of them.

Yesterday, he tackled a “Dennis the Menace” strip with his own commentary:

It appears that a shifty-eyed Dennis the Menace has decided on a new tactic in his war against society’s strictures: hard-line Calvinist theology. Isn’t the omnipotent God, who created the universe and predetermined our very ends before time began, the real menace here?

We are all sinners. Dennis just embraces it.

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  • Renshia

    So do most christians. Gives them something to talk to god about.

  • Banana

    Oh my gosh, I have loved the Comics Curmudgeon forever!  Remember Aldomania?  LOL.  Yes this was a great post.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    If God didn’t want me to post things that are against religious indoctrination instead of for Christianity, he wouldn’t have invented the internet.

  • Mike D

    I think it’s funny that Christians often object to determinism, but they don’t seem to consider that if God is omniscient then everyone’s futures would be determined anyway.

  • MG

    True story: I was once the recipient of the coveted COTW.

  • jdm8

    Interesting that someone said:

    “”I’d like to note that it’s not explicitly stated that it’s God that Dennis is praying to.” –Doctor Handsome”

    I wonder who else it would be? Who else would a white American boy in Western style clothing likely be praying to that would make considered capable of making puddles?

  • Randomfactor

     Anyone with a garden hose?

  • jdm8

    I said likely. Who prays to a guy with a garden hose?

  • Brian

    Sin is a religious concept. I am not religious. Therefore I am not a sinner.