Atheist Activist Arrested for Blasphemy in Egypt

Last Monday, Alber Saber posted the infamous “Innocence of Muslims” movie on the Egyptian Atheists Facebook page, which he administered…

On Wednesday, a “Muslim friend and neighbor” made the connection that Saber was the administrator of an atheist page… and that he was criticizing Islam.

By Thursday, this was the scene outside his house:

When Saber arrived at the police station, he was charged under an infrequently used law that prohibits insulting religion, according to his lawyer, Ahmed Ezzat, who spent Friday with Saber at the local police station. The allegations, Ezzat says, include sharing the Facebook link and, months earlier, posting a self-made video commentary titled “Who is the spokesman for Allah?”

Saber… is an outspoken atheist, according to his lawyer and friends. It’s a subject on which he has engaged often on the web, where he has an active presence on social media and his personal blog. The recent flood of animosity against Saber, Ezzat says, was due less to tensions between Christians and Muslims than to Saber’s history of speaking his mind — combined with the recent frenzy over the anti-Islam film…

Not only was Saber arrested, he was thrown into a crowded prison cell by an officer who announced to his new cellmates that Saber had insulted Muhammad. They didn’t take very kindly to that, supposedly slashing committing a gruesome act of violence against him. (I say “supposedly” because I’m only seeing this report on a blog, not elsewhere.)

Saber is also said to be on a hunger strike right now.

At the moment, there’s not much we can do for him. But there is a Facebook page dedicated to freeing him. It’s in Arabic but you don’t need to know another language to Like the page.

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  • Randall

    And Christians are being killed all over the Middle East, and persecuted in Officially Atheistic Countries.

    And atheists actually try to deny that.

    I have a good idea what your side would do to me if it got control; one of my grandparents died under the rule of an officially atheistic state, and other relatives were persecuted.

    But atheists will try to deny all this, and that is why there is a growing movement warning Church Members what happens when Atheists are in power.

    Its out there, its growing, and I will laugh as you ignore it and goes viral and you wonder what happened.

  • Where Are My Beets?

    Remember, tin foil hats must be shiny side out.

  • mobathome

    If you are an American, you live in an “Officially Atheistic Country” because officially there is no state religion, nor is there official religious control over government.  How are Christians persecuted for their religion here?  Please give concrete example.  Are Christians being killed for their religion here?

    In America, people who are members of other religions or no religion at all have often faced persecution for their beliefs.  Jessica Alhquist is a recent prominent example.  And although the persecutors often act anonymously, the fact that over 80% of the population is Christian and the circumstances of the acts of persecution are good evidence the persecutors are Christian, and likely act in the name of their religion.  Likewise, if Christians are persecuted in America, their persecutors are likely Christians who are acting in the name of their religion.  Examples of Christian groups whose members are persecuted include the smaller sects such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Quakers, etc.

    In other “Officially Atheistic” countries, such as China, Cuba, Canada, France, Germany,  and 54 other countries, if Christians are persecuted, it is not in the “name of atheism” but because they are perceived as a threat to the political group in control, just as it is in America.  For example, in China the ruling communist party persecute in the name of communism those who do not submit to their authority, such as Christians who are not part of the state Christian establishment.  In France, the various governments have arguably persecuted Christians, Muslims, and other religions because they challenge official state policies, such as integration into the mainstream culture.

  • Randall

    The US is a Secular Country…not Athesitic.  Secular and Atheist are not the same thing.

    In countries where Atheism is the Official position,  Christians are persecuted because of the Atheists rejection of religion…the people persecuted are no threat to the power of the state.

    So, yes, it is in the name of atheism.

    And where the control was unrestricted, and secrecy was kept better, Millions died because of Atheism.

    You are a Denier.

    The Churches are being warned, and while they are you will wallow in your Denial.

  • A3Kr0n

    I feel like donating more money to the FFRF right now.

  • Michael

    You are right, you are merely not going far enough.

    Governments with a standpoint on religion are bad. Doesn’t matter whether they’re promoting Atheism, Scientology, Christianity, Islam, Asatru or the church of the living Elvis. Once a government declares one religious viewpoint above all others bad things happen.

  • TheG

    So… it is okay for an atheist to be arrested and tortured because of his atheism, but it is okay because others are persecuted too?  How very… ummm… Christian of you.

  • Brian Scott

    Yes, people of various religious stances are persecuted in states with official religious stances.

    Instead of playing “who’s more persecuted”, we should all be working towards secular governance. That is the best way I can think of to maximize religious freedom of all people of different religious stances.

  • Joannaa

    I’m not an outspoken atheist here in the states because of what out would cost me…which is clearly nothing compared to what it is costing this man. I think he deserves for people like me to risk a little social fall out.

  • Dmacabre

    it is pretty easy for you to make statements but I don’t see you backing any of that up.

  • C Peterson

    There is no more harm in a country being “officially” atheist than there is in it being “officially” Christian (as most European countries are). The problem with countries that persecute their own citizens because of their beliefs is that these countries are oppressive, and that has nothing to do with any possible state religion.

    However, some countries use religion to justify oppression; no country uses atheism to do so.

  • 667

    Where are the atheist leaders who so inspire their followers now? Why are they so silent? They have no problems giving their 2-cents worth as soon as some Christian utter some wrong words.

  • Dorfl

    Are you talking about countries which are officially atheistic, or countries where atheists are in power?

    Because I agree that countries that were officially atheistic, such as the Soviet union, have tended to be fairly awful places to live. Whether the official atheism caused that, or because a country would have to have a badly-functioning or non-existent democracy in the first place for anyone to be capable of deciding on an official religious stance for the entire country, is debatable.

    But if you’re arguing that terrible things happen when atheists are in power, that’s trivially false. I live in Sweden, and most members of our parliament or the government lack any religion. Even so, things work fine, and Christians are not being persecuted. Much the same is true in the rest of Scandinavia, and to some extent the rest of Europe as well.

  • Gunstargreen

    You mean people like Hement and made this very blog post?

  • Heidi McClure

     Uh, Hemant is right here where he always is, making blog posts. I feel like he’s pretty inspirational. Or did you mean something else?

  • Coyotenose

     Jesus but you’re desperate.

  • Coyotenose

     No one is denying that Christians are persecuted in the Middle East. You’re a shoddy liar. You’re also too stupid to grasp that Communist states don’t act in the name of atheism, but in the name of Communism, which is a religious ideology with a few replaced words.

    You know why Marxism requires eliminating Christianity? Because it’s COMPETITION.

  • Coyotenose

     Millions died because of totalitarian ideologies… kind of like the ones that Christians are trying to advance in the U.S. Read a book.

  • Artor

    Why are they silent? What? Where did you hear this story? Not in the mainstream news I expect. Probably right here on the website of a prominent atheist. Your point refutes itself, but proves that you are an idiot.

  • Artor

    And atheists actually try to deny that.”
    [citation needed]
    Seriously? Please show me one link where an atheist has denied that Xtians are persecuted in Muslim countries. And would you like me to start enumerating my ancestors who were killed in officially Xtian countries? This may take a while…

  • LesterBallard

    6+6+7 = your IQ?

  • Skerticus

    What “Officially Atheistic Countries” are you referring to?

  • JasonM

     Oh shit, it’s the “Officially Atheistic Countries” guy again.

  • A. B.

    Yeah, if they are being persecuted in officially atheist countries, then name me a single officially atheist country.

  • RobMcCune

     Well you need to be more specific, not the bible, not one “written” or promoted by a televangelist, mega church pastor, fox news or talk radio personality, etc.

  • Skerticus

    What Saber has been doing with his facebook page takes courage. Apparently there is support for him in at least some of the Egyptian media: 
    “I don’t want to live in a country that arrests people for being atheists,” one Egyptian journalist told “An angry mob is attacking a man and police arrest the man and not the mob? That isn’t right.”

  • Deanna Jackson

    If people’s faith in their religion is so fragile that they’d arrest and commit violence against folks for disagreeing with them, it’s time for them to re-evaluate their faith.  Free Alber Saber!

  • cipher

    Shoot, he’s onto us. Dammit, I told you guys to be more discreet!

  • cipher

    It’s in Arabic but you don’t need to know another language to Like the page.

    Actually,  a lot of the comments are in English.

  • Octoberfurst

      Hi Randall, paranoid much?  I know this may come as a shock to you but we atheists have no desire to try to stop you from worshiping your make-believe friends.  People can believe anything they want. I couldn’t care less. You could believe that your god is a leprechaun who demands that you wear green clothing all the time and eat Lucky Charms cereal. As I said, I don’t care.  It’s only when you try to force ME to wear green clothing and eat Lucky Charms cereal that I have a problem with. I don’t want you or anyone else imposing your religious views on me or anyone else.
      As for you confusing communist regimes with your average run-of-the-mill atheists I think others here have made the point that communists hated religion because it was competition to the State. You were to bow down to the State, not to God. Free thinking atheists bow to no one.
      I chuckled at your ominous statement about how churches across the land are being “warned” about the atheist menace. Ooooo scary!  I picture some half-wit preachers going from church to church saying: “OMG ATHEISM IS GROWING!! THEY’RE GOING TO BURN DOWN OUR CHURCHES & FORCE OUR KIDS TO READ BOOKS BY HITCHENS AND DAWKINS!!! PANIC!! PANIC!! PANIC!!”  LOL.  Seriously get a life.   

  • Rich Wilson

    It’s in Arabic but you don’t need to know another language to Like the page.

    And if you’re using Chrome, Google will offer to translate it for you.  Not perfect of course, but understandable.

  • Tmiller51

     Yes, please list these officially atheist countries in which Christians are being persecuted.

  • RobertoTheChi

    Oh for fuck sake. *facepalm*

    You’re in denial of reality. Wallow in your paranoia.

  • Daniel_HBK

    PLEASE help my friend Alber .. I could not live when I was a Christian and now I can’t live as an atheist in this country  ..We want freedom in Egypt :( :( :(

  • B_R_Deadite99

     You are a Retard. Stop regurgitating Dinesh D’Souza and maybe we’ll give you a cookie.

  • UnNews

    Yeah, because translating the Bible never led to any problems either.

  • Randall

    Red China, North Korea, and Vietnam…in Occupied Tibet the Chinese are imposing Atheism as the Official Position as a means of destroying Tibetan cultural identity. (Amnesty International)

    I find it hard to believe you did not know that.  In fact,  I don’t believe it.  You are simply being Willfully Intellectually Dishonest.

    Fortunately, many of the other Officially Atheistic Countrdies (as provided for in their Consitutions) self destructed.

    But they killed Millions in the meantime.

    It was a Atheist Holocaust.

    And you are deniers.

    You are going to lose.

  • Randall

    Atheists killed millions, whatever their excuse.

    You are a Denier.

  • Randall

    I wouldn’t take a cookie from you.  No telling what you did with it.  snicker

    You are a Denier.

    You are scum.

  • Randall

    I think its terrible the atheist has been arrested.

    But you obviously don’t care what happens to Christians in Officially Atheistic Countries, because you are a Denier.

    How Atheist of you.

  • Randall

    The Red Chinese have utilized Atheism as a means of destroying the cultural identity of the Tibetans, as reported by Amnesty International.

    In China, Christians are persecuted because of the Atheists hatred of all religion.

    Given what I have seen on atheist boards at at atheist meetings, it would happen here to if the Atheists got control.

    But they aren’t going to.

  • B_R_Deadite99

    Whatever, scumfuck. I honestly couldn’t care less what a retarded sheep like yourself has to say about anything. There is nothing to deny. Communists, not atheists, persecute religion. Communists don’t even do it “in the name of atheism”, but in the name of the State, which their ideology holds as the highest authority. You have offered no proof and no logical arguments for your claims, which are clearly nothing more than regurgitated fundy propaganda. You are retarded. You are lower than scum. If I found you floating in my toilet, I wouldn’t bother flushing. Does your mother know you’re on the Internet?

  • Randall

    Always an excuse.  In this case, “competition”. 

     Communism is not a religious ideology; it is based on Dialectical MATERIALISM. 

    You are too ignorant, or deliberately pretending not to know, that Communists have persecuted religion because they were atheists and wanted to eliminate religion.  Thats acting because of atheism, you dissembling loser.

    You are a Pathetic Denier.

  • Randall


  • Randall

    Ah, Cipher the Christian hater shows up.  How’s you pal Liar Loftus?

  • cipher

     Doing just fine. I’ll tell him you were asking about him.

  • Randall

    No Panic.  Just Methodical passing of information.

    You are going to lose.

  • Randall

    Atheists in the US don’t fight Muslims.  Just Christians and Jews.

  • Randall

    Sure, except for Christians.

    Ask the Coptics.

  • Randall

    Apparently you do care, because now you are womiting insults.

    I am sorry, but I do so enjoy seeing you get so mad you are frothing at the mouth!  (Quick, someone call the Vet!  snicker)

    And why is the State the highest authority?  Because they are Atheists who deny any Higher Authority.

    Proof?  You Pathetic Liar; Solzhenitsyn proved that Atheism was a key motivator of the Commies, in the form it took in the 20th century, because the idea of communism has been around since the time of the early Christian. It did not have to be anti Christian…the atheism caused that.

    Yep, it was the atheism that movitivated them to try and eliminate religion, as the Nobel Prize Winner Solzhenitsyn demonstrated in his Three Volume “Gulag Archipelago” series.

    Now…calm down boy!

    That’s it…good dawg.

  • Randall

    Fine?  That’s not what I hear.  snicker.

    Hope he enjoys his extra job.  Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  • Randall

    Yeah,  do that.  Old Dan Barker has a pretty comfortable little income for himself.

    Lets keep him nice and up to date!

  • TheBlackCat

     No, in Tibet they are trying to do what communists always do when they get power: eliminate the existing aristocracy and other local power structures.  Tibet, being a theocracy, had clergy as its aristocracy, but that is not really important, they did the same thing with secular aristocrats and leaders as well, both in China and in every other communist country. 

    As with all totalitarian regimes, they don’t like competition for power.  If the totalitarian regime is religious or secular, it is always the same.

    On the other hand, they aren’t eliminating the entire Tibetan population.  “Kill them all, and God will know his own” only happens with religion.

  • TheBlackCat

     So have Christians.  The difference is atheists didn’t do it in the name of atheism, they did it in the name of communism.  Christians, on the other hand, did it in the name of Christianity. 

  • TheBlackCat


    And why is the State the highest authority?  Because they are Atheists who deny any Higher Authority.

    I guess you never heard of “the divine right of kings”.  That is what allowed Communism to start in the USSR in the first place.

  • Sohan

    Like atheists in India fight Hinduism. Like atheists in Egypt fight Islam. Care to guess why?

  • B_R_Deadite99

    “Womiting”? Hahaha. Learn to spell.

    Who said I’m frothing at the mouth, retard? Everything you’ve said here is just same ol’, same ol’. Just more fundy bullshit that the wretched, mindless fans of Bryan Fischer repeat ad infintium. Why bother doing aything except mocking you? You’re not trying to argue or add to the discussion, you’re just a dumb troll who can’t even define communism.

    “And why is the State the highest authority? Because they are Atheists who deny any Higher Authority.”

    By that logic, all atheists would communists. And I don’t know any personally who subscribe to that view. Pretty much every atheist I know views commies the same way they view fundies. Stupid, brutish, pathetic, and occasionally amusing in their subservience to discredited dogma. In other words, you’re still retarded.

    “Solzhenitsyn proved that Atheism was a key motivator of the Commies, in the form it took in the 20th century, because the idea of communism has been around since the time of the early Christian. It did not have to be anti Christian…the atheism caused that.”

    Um, retard? Communism was innovated by Karl Marx. It didn’t exist before then. While some ideas and cultural practices existed before which were socialistic, none of them were the clearly defined, complex economic ideology that Marx put forth. So, you’re still retarded.

    By the way, retard, Solzhenitsyn got a Nobel prize… in literature. So you’re still retarded.

    “Now…calm down boy!

    That’s it…good dawg.”

    Is that your attempt at condescension? Bitch, please. Even when you try to be insulting, you fail.

  • B_R_Deadite99

    Shhh! Bringing up Divine Right is no fair! Or something to that effect.

  • Salwinder

    What a shame this opportunity to think about this man’s plight and what can be done about it has been hijacked by a fundamentalist Christian troll who believes scoring religious points against atheists is more important than contributing to a conversation about freedom of expression and tolerance……

  • Anonymous Atheist

    Indeed. He’s posted 15 off-topic comments so far, and most of the rest of the comments are in response to his.

    On-topic, the mob outside Alber’s house because of a Facebook post is pretty scary. And an important clarification from Austin Mackell’s blog post:

    “Over the next two days crowds began to gather outside his house, threatening Saber and his mother. On Thursday night Saber’s mother called the police, hoping for protection. When the police arrived however, rather than fending the threatening mob outside, they arrested her son.”

    The video shows Alber being dragged through the mob by police and loaded into the van.

  • Brian Scott

    At first I thought you were just curmudgeonly. Now I think you’re just projecting your biases.

    Incidentally, I like how you capitalize the oh-so-scary materialism while missing the trait Marx’s ideology shared with other religious ideologies of the time: dialectical. Sad to say that I haven’t seen much call for Aristotelian and Augustinian a priori reasoning among modern atheists. Its just my own personal experience that empiricism and variants take greater precedence. Perhaps you can provide counter examples?

  • B_R_Deadite99

    ” And atheists actually try to deny that.”

    More lies. Atheists have never denied that Christians are persecuted, but it’s not atheists who do it per se, but communists. Just because you’re too stupid and/ dishonest to contrast atheism with communism doesn’t mean we deny it.

  • wmdkitty

    Troll in the dungeon!

    Thought you ought to know… *faints*

  • Rich Wilson

    So nothing should be translated ever, because it might lead to problems?

  • Rich Wilson

    Like the broken clock, he got one thing right.  The US is a secular nation, not an atheist nation.  And I’d bet the vast majority of the people who read this blog want it that way.

  • wmdkitty

    Well, there goes my manga habit…

  • yohocoma

    From an AP story today:
    For Jumaa al-Qurishi, a 38-year-old Iraq librarian: “This is not freedom. This is an act of aggression.” [referring to the incendiary video]
    “Yes, we understand the First Amendment and all of this stuff,” wrote Khalid Amayreh, a prominent Islamist commentator and blogger in Hebron on the West Bank. “But you must also understand that the Prophet (for us) is a million times more sacred than the American Constitution.”
    He adds: “As Americans have their own idiots and fanatics, we, too, have our idiots and fanatics. And as Americans are utterly unable — probably unwilling as well — to stop their idiots, we, too, are less able to rein in ours.”

    Consider these comments in the context of pervasive US violence against the Muslim world, and pervasive US political and social idiocy in regard to the Muslim world and the US’s own actions against it, as the last quoted person points out.

  • advancedatheist

    Why, so that the FFRF can piss it away on filing harassing lawsuits against local governments and school districts few of us have heard of because someone in an official capacity there prays?

  • Rich Wilson

    Um, could you and Hello_world125 get together, compare notes, and get back to us on whether American atheists hate Muslims enough or not?  Thanks!

  • Octoberfurst

      Lose what?  I didn’t know we were in a competition. Your side believes in an invisable sky fairy and moronic tales that have no basis in reality. Our side believes in logic, common-sense and reason.  Sane people just naturally gravitate to our side. (Sorry, that’s just the way it is.) I am perfectly fine with you continuing to live in your fantasy world. You and your fellow idiots are free to believe any damn fool thing you want. Doesnt’ bother me one bit.
       So chill out, calm down and have your mom bring you some milk and cookies before you go to bed. You’ll feel better in the morning.   :-)  

  • Kevin Kirkpatrick

    Yep.  Stomping out the small brush fires as they flare up.  You see something unwise about doing so?

  • Charles Thomas

    So you don’t live in the Bible Belt, then?

  • cipher

    Yes, that’s right. Attack someone in pain. And we’re the monsters.

    You’re a disgrace as a human being.

  • cipher

    Daniel, pay no attention to Randall. He’s an idiot. We’re sorry about your friend, and people are trying to help.

  • Dorfl

    Could you give an example of the west using “free speech” as a justification for violent military intervention?

  • yohocoma

    Sure.  The West cites slogans like “bringing democracy”, “respect for human rights”, etc., just about every single time it wants to bomb or invade people somewhere, and free speech is a central tenet of that touting.  SOS Clinton gave a statement a few days ago about US “commitment to religious tolerance.”

    It’s all extremely hypocritical – the West will support the worst, free-speech-quashing regimes (Egypt, Saudi, Bahrain, Libya before Gadhaffi became a liability, etc. etc.) if those regimes are compliant enough to US economic or geopolitical or military aims.  “Free speech” is not cited as a motivating factor in THOSE alliances.  But when it comes time to civilize the people of Afghanistan, or remove Saddam, or protect southeast Asia from evil communism, well, then the death and misery is all about American ideals.

    The residents of these places, who have to endure the violence the West ignites, are not stupid about its causes. They generally become very angry at the West and even more antagonistic towards its symbols and its purported values.

  • cipher

    “Randall” is KC James, one of Amazon’s resident Christian apologists – and by no means the brightest of the bunch.

  • Pluto Animus

    They are violently upset that someone in the neighborhood thinks differently from them.

    “Muslim” is apparently a synonym for “coward”.

  • Pluto Animus

     Take your stupidity elsewhere, please.

  • Rich Wilson

    For someone who spends so much time being angry at Communist regimes, isn’t it kind of hypocritical of you to denounce Capitalism?

  • Amirault

    You are entirely misreading what amnesty international said. Those countries are USING atheism as means to do something. Atheism is not the cause of what they are trying to do. A hammer is a tool used by a carpenter. Atheism is a tool used by a communist countries. You are being willfully dishonest or you lack reading comprehension skills. Amnesty International did not say atheism caused the Chinese to try to destroy Tibetan culture they said ” imposing Atheism as the Official Position as a means of destroying” have you ever heard the phrase “a means to an end?” They are using atheism to get to a goal that already existed. Nice try, but your logic is inherently wrong. That is like saying Stalin starved his farmers for atheism, rather than to improve the economic status of his government (which he was actually quite successful at, but cost millions of lives). The logical fallacy you committed is like blaming vegetarians for the Holocaust.

  • Amirault

    More like the “I don’t understand the difference between causation and correlation guy.” He needs to study what constitutes logic and just quit while he’s behind. He misinterprets quotes and make baseless claims. The reasoning he uses is the same reasoning that gave birth to incorrect theories such as spontaneous generation of organisms.

  • nakedanthropologist

    Well said, Brian Scott.  Well said.

  • nakedanthropologist

    Too right.  We must also remember that Marx’s concept of materialism applied to cultural materialism (as well) and totally dismissed the conception of individual human agency.  It was a theoretical device, as a means to explain the economic and social changes of the time.  Therefore, (a la Marx) something immaterial (such as satisfaction) becomes commodified to fit into this pre-existing framework; while actions and chance are ignored.  I find it somewhat humorous (super geeky, I know) because when one assigns a physical value to the immaterial, then you do get something resembling theological thought.  Interesting, no?

  • phhht

     One thing both Christian and Muslim religionists share is the appeal to
    “respect” as an excuse for coercive behavior. Both say, in effect,
    believe as I say you must or die by my hand (as guided by my gods, of

  • Dorfl

    I’m not sure I buy those things as examples of using “free speech” itself as an excuse, but maybe I misparsed what you said. Some not very well specified “freedom” has certainly been used to justify a number of wars.

  • Rich Wilson

    Petition to release Alber Saber

  • phantomreader42

     Officially Christian Countries spent centuries looking for new ways to murder and torture millions.  Therefore, christianity is a monstrous cult dedicated purely to suffering, hatred, and death, and can never be anything else.  You, Randall, are a member of a cult of genocidal thieving rapists.  And that is all you will ever be.  You’re too fucking stupid to make any distinction between real living atheists and your pile of poorly-constructed strawmen, so you have called for every imperfection in the history of your cult to be squarely nailed to you for all time. 

  • Steven Ray Belcher

    It is so fragile they will kill innocent folks over a movie.  Guess what i didn’t see any Christians during Da Vinci Code burning book’s, destroying consulates or murdering innocent people that had nothing to do with said movie. Also guess what this America we can make a movie about anything you know why it our right Freedom of Expression, no matter if it a horror film, a documentary on rhino in zoo’s. A action kill everything that moves movie or a kid cartoon movie. You know what if a movie offends you then don’t watch it. If a 10 minute clip  on youtube offends you maybe you don’t need a t.v. or a pc. Because apparently everything offends your God. 25 countries have had riots over this  movie an holding sign’s saying ” Behead those that Insult our Prophet” or death to America….. How dare you insult our peaceful religion… Yup sure are so peaceful an just… let me uhmm No you prosecute those that do not hold your beliefs..beat them , stone them, hang them rip them apart limb for limb. Yup really peaceful hmmm let me Snakes an Great white sharks are more peaceful. They only attack for food.

  • Mohamed Eid
  • Shane Beacham

    I’m a Christian myself, but this is ridiculous. The man, regardless of whether or not I agree with his views, should have the right to say whatever he wants to say. And I got to say, with no offense towards Muslims, I find it funny how in reaction to seeing a film that makes Muslims look violent and crazy, they act violent and crazy, because that’s really going to make things look good on your part.