Atheist Billboard Spotted in Boca Raton…

Looks like the American Atheists’ new billboard has starting making its rounds in Boca Raton, Florida… just in time for tonight’s Presidential debate!

Best part: No graffiti! Yet.

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  • Alexander Ryan

    If I know my state as well as I think I do, I’m just waiting for the graffiti.

    • Sindigo

      “Write-ons. You’re going to get write-ons.”

  • woodsy

    Regardless of the message, I oppose these fuel-wasting rolling billboards.

    • Nope

      I wonder you would consider the difference between “waste” and “use”.

      • chicago dyke, Blonde

        i also oppose them. they seem a little obscene, frankly, in this age when it’s absolutely certain that we will be running out of oil in the not too distant future, and given how little our society is investing in alternative technologies. our addiction to oil has led to wars, frakking and earthquakes, the destruction of pristine environments just for a few barrels that won’t even power the nation for a few weeks… and what is done with that oil? plastic grocery bags and rolling billboards and other wasteful, consumerist, pollution generating products that could often be replaced with renewable technologies. and when our grandchildren are forced to live in a hideous post-oil reality they will wonder, “grandma, was it really that important for you to put that billboard on wheels instead of on a standing mount?” and grandma won’t feel so good about her answer. 

  • Evertoninancalvinist

    I know I keep arguing this point, but I’m trying to point out the inconsistency: Given the atheistic worldview, why are the brains of the Mormons chemically reacting to produce false thoughts about gays and blacks, and the brains of the atheist are chemically reacting to produce right thoughts about gays and blacks? When these thoughts come out of people’s heads, how do we judge if they are thoughts resulting in truth? What standard of truth is there in an atheistic universe? Can someone give me a universal definition for “truth”?

    • Chris Algoo

      What truth? Mormons talk about God’s views about blacks and gays, and God’s existence and views are unknowable. They’re either making it up or basing it on a millenia-old, poorly translated and poorly edited collection of literature.

    • Graham Martin-Royle

      Can you give a proof of a god? Can you then prove that that proof is the god you worship?

      Presup is so yesterday  and sooooo boring.

    • John

       Oh, not this shit again.  Can we all please just ignore the troll?  He’s proven time and time again that he won’t listen to anything you say.

    • Marco

      Indeed. As of today my definition of truth is ‘anything Evertoniancalvinist is opposed to or argues against except for those things evertoniancalvinists argues in bad faith due to this new definition”.

      • amycas

         Mine too. :-)

    • amycas

       “I know I keep arguing this point, but…”
      No, just stop right there. We’ve answered your questions every single time you bring up this crap. I understand if you don’t like the answers, that’s fine, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t answer it. The fact that you keep asking, over and over again, and you keep making every single thread about you and your stupid question shows that you’re not listening, you’re not interested in listening and you’re not here for a dialogue or any kind of answer to your questions.

    • wmdkitty

      Oh, just shut up already!

    • Edmond

      If you were black or gay, it might be more evident to you.

  • diegueno

    why not use the full name of the church?

    • TheBlackCat

       2 reasons:

      1. People don’t read long billboards
      2. There is more than one Mormon church

      • diegueno

        Want to have some fun at the expense of a Mormon? Try and get them to acknowledge that those who still practice polygamy are Mormons of another stripe. They explode.

  • The Vicar

    It won’t make a difference to the debate. The debate format is set by a contract, which was incidentally negotiated in secret and was supposed to remain secret itself but which was leaked, which set all kinds of limits as to what the candidates and moderator can do. (It also requires that the Democratic and Republican candidates refuse to hold any additional debates, whether those debates are with each other or with candidates from the other parties, which puts an end to the “why don’t the other parties just hold their own debates and invite the Democrats and Republicans” excuse some people were using before.)

    You can read the leaked contract at Basically, there’s about as much chance of an embarrassing mention of Mormonism as there is of Obama and Romney teaming up to do a burlesque striptease.

    • TheBlackCat

       Now that would be a debate I would actually watch, and I am a straight man.

      • JohnnieCanuck

        Well, you were until that thought entered your head. Now you’re a little bit gay, but don’t worry, it doesn’t show. Much.