Is This Milk Carton An Example Of ‘Gay Propaganda’?

Some people in Russia seem to think so.

The People’s Council, an anti-gay group in Russia, was deeply disturbed to see milk cartons featuring this design. Members of the group say the rainbows on the milk cartons constitute gay indoctrination targeting innocent children. Or something along those lines.

This March, St. Petersburg outlawed “gay propaganda” as a way to “help to protect children from information manipulation by minorities that promote sodomy.” The measure vaguely bans “public action aimed at propagandising sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism, and transgenderism among minors,” with a fine of 5,000 to 500,000 rubles (roughly $160-$16,000) for breaking the law.

Anatoly Artukh of the People’s Council largely blames Pepsi Co., the owner of the milk carton brand — and, apparently, a threat to Russian wellbeing:

“A rainbow appeared on the cartons, a world-renowned symbol of the gay movement,” he said. “That immediately put me on alert.”

“I have no doubts about Pepsi Cola,” Artukh added. “This is a company renowned for actively and aggressively financing and promoting homosexuality.”

The People’s Council is also one of the groups suing Madonna for $10 million for “moral damage” after she slammed the propaganda law at a concert in St. Petersburg this summer.

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  • Miss_Beara

    Sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow.

    • TnkAgn

      Maybe rainbows should be banned from nature, lest the observers of same think gay thoughts?

      • Randomfactor

         In Russia, rainbow observes you.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    Didn’t even notice the rainbow. I thought perhaps it was the jaunty way he was walking.

    Somebody is looking hard for things to complain about. Too hard. Makes me wonder how many of the People’s Council are suppressing their own inclinations.

    • Kevin_Of_Bangor

      I didn’t take notice of it either. I was scanning the picture trying to find out where the gay was hiding.

      • Jason Horton

        Those insidious gays are hiding everywhere.

      • Miss_Beara

        I was looking for a penis or two women kissing behind the cow. 

      • Baby_Raptor

        Me too.

    • CanadianNihilist

       I was also looking for clues that the farmer might be gay or something. It didn’t even register with me that the rainbow could be the problem.

    • Marco C

      It took me a while too. I thought the guy was walking “gayly” or something.

      Also, who knew pepsico was so gay?

  • Daniel Schealler

    The rainbow flag has seven colors.

    The rainbow on the carton only has six.

    • starskeptic

      It’s been six on the flag since 1979 – the People’s Council looks ready to
      cut this conspiracy out at the root…

      • Daniel Schealler

        Holy crap!

        You’re right!

        I did double check before posting that because I wasn’t sure. Did a Google image search and came back with a bunch of 7-colored flags, so figured my expectations were right.

        But on further investigation: No, I was dead wrong. Wow.

        Things learned so far today: 1.

        • starskeptic

          I’m telling ya – DO NOT mess with the People’s Council!
          Pepsi doesn’t stand a chance!

  • loopsyel

    What do they think when they see a real rainbow?

    • Simab

       God loves fags?

    • Saxbassoon

      And what about a double rainbow?

      • RowanVT

         With a double rainbow, that is clearly the rainbows “gettin’ it on”. Them gays are exhibitionists after all! Just look around you! All those horrible gays with their evil agendas are so totally obvious and don’t look like normal people at all! >_>

    • Daniel Schealler

      “What does it mean?”

    • Baal

       And what if it’s all the way across the sky?!

  • GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    For thousands of years religious mythology held the RAINBOW in their clutches as one of THEIR symbols (i.e., the sign from God after the whole Noah’s ark debacle). 

    Now, even the religious readily admit that the lovely, natural, inspiring, colorful rainbow is under the worldwide ownership of the those rejecting the Bible’s bigotry against gays. VICTORY!

    What other religious symbol can we take next? 

    The image of two rock slabs the suggests the ten commandments? (A new roller-coaster icon? Or arch-top double-doors?)

    The Islamic star and crescent moon as the symbol for local astronomy clubs? 

    The Latin cross? Please, someone help me come up with a secular meaning to displace Jesus’ monopoly of the cross icon…..

    • Jim Craig

      The Latin Cross? Hmmm… maybe turn it into the symbol “tau” which is 2*pi. I also like the idea of taking the Islamic crescent and star for astronomy clubs.

    • Raising_Rlyeh

      How about star and crescent moon biscuits? 

    • Guest

      Why should it be a religious symbol? Maybe it should be one of the plants or animals born of one sex then changed to another, or one that is asexual that takes on sexual characteristics. There are a few of those.

      • amycas

        So, a clownfish maybe?

    • Guest

      Second thought. How about the statue in Louvre of Aphrodite with genitals?

  • Richard Wade

    Looks like Russia has its own Illinois Family Institute.

    This is breathtakingly silly paranoia. Any depiction of a rainbow, no matter how incidental, is “propaganda promoting the ‘gay agenda’” ???…???…?

    Word on the улица is that The People’s Council is lobbying the Russian government to have actual, natural rainbows declared dangerous to the public, and that looking at them should be illegal.

    Rainbows, as many people know, emit the same deadly Gay Rays that same sex marriages emit, which cause gayness, destroy “traditional” marriages, bring down thriving civilizations, make stars go supernova, and even cause people to like Madonna.

    Very scary stuff. Russians had better pull the junk out of their old Cold War fallout shelters.

  • JD929

    I see a jolly milker and his cow. I’d think bestiality before gay, though the rainbow might distract people.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Didn’t the Russian equivalent of the SCOTUS  limit how the “gay-propaganda” bill could be used? I thought I read that somewhere. 

    Seriously Russia is just messed up. The orthodox church has gotten a taste of power and is out for more. 

  • Guest

    We live to learn. Rainbow is a sign of the gay? I have heard that it is a sign of the covenant between the bible god and Noah(or mankind, I forgot which). Maybe it is the milkmaid that changed to a milkman that should be the sign of the gay.

    • amycas

       Gay men are not the same as transmen.

      • Kcuf Uoy

        It’s the insinuation however, that a homosexual (or bi, trans or queer person) is something a “normal” person “turns” into. Any (potential) allusion to a reversal of gender roles can totally freek out a queerphobic bigot.

    • Baby_Raptor

      Yeah…A sign that the god who created the world and loves everyone as his children would never PMS and wipe humanity out with a flood again. Note: He only promised to not use a flood. Not that he wouldn’t casually wipe us out again.

      Fuck that. I’d rather have the “gay” rainbow. 

    • Michael

      Does this mean Noah was gay?

      • Antinomian

        Only with the male penguin..

  • Miss_Beara

    “A rainbow appeared on the cartons, a world-renowned symbol of the gay movement,” he said. “That immediately put me on alert.”

    Guy sees a rainbow and his mind immediately goes to the gay. Normal people see rainbow, they see a rainbow. Someone is rather preoccupied with the thing that he is so strongly against.

  • WildRumpus67

    “was it…”,puts on sunglasses, “Homo milk?”. YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

  • RowanVT

    Sooo… since God supposedly created rainbows, does that mean that God has a pro-gay agenda?

  • Kcuf Uoy

    Financing homosexuality, how does that work? Do you get a pay-slip and free diet Pepsi if you turn gay, or is it just individual acts of bumseks that you can cash in on? And what about the lesbians? This whole deal seems unmanagable, sounds like they’re just throwing the money out to any random milkman.

  • TnkAgn

    Perhaps this milk is “Homo(genized) Moloko?”

  • Adam Patrick

    What isn’t “gay propaganda” to these loons?

  • Antinomian

    “A rainbow appeared on the cartons, a world-renowned symbol of the gay movement,” he said. “That immediately put me on alert.”
    Translation: “Eet gave me a boneresky aas harrrd aas Stalin heeself  and I vaas ashamedsky.”

  • rocketdave

    I guess they aren’t big on Lucky Charms in St. Petersburg either.

  • Guest

    For being a “friendly atheist,” you sure pick out dickish examples to prove your point.

    • Isilzha

       Awwww…look, a nasty little troll appears!

  • allein

    I like how the rainbow apparently just “appeared”…

  • Dan Dorfman

    Wait a minute. Don’t the fundies think that the rainbow is a sign of god’s love post-flood or some craziness like that?

  • anachronic_logic

    Rainbows meant a symbol of God’s love in the old testament. And just as others have said, a rainbow is a PART OF NATURE. It’s like saying clouds represent pro-choice/abortion.