Sam Harris Elaborates on Near-Death Experiences

Remember that awful cover Newsweek from back in October?

At the time, Sam Harris (a neuroscientist himself) ripped apart Dr. Eben Alexander, who wrote that embarrassing cover story.

Now, Harris has finished reading Alexander’s actual book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife… and it turns out the whole premise still makes no sense:

Having now read Alexander’s book, I can say that it is every bit as remarkable as his Newsweek cover article suggested it would be. Unfortunately, it is not remarkable in the way that its author believes…

… The impediment to taking Alexander’s claims seriously can be simply stated: There is absolutely no reason to believe that his cerebral cortex was inactive at the time he had his experience of the afterlife. The fact that Alexander thinks he has demonstrated otherwise — by continually emphasizing how sick he was, the infrequency of E. coli meningitis, and the ugliness of his initial CT scan — suggests a deliberate disregard of the most plausible interpretation of his experience.

You can read the full, damning critique here.

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