Edward Tarte, Atheist, Plays Two Religious Thanksgiving Songs

[Link to video]

About Edward Tarte

I am age 78, once a Catholic priest for five years (in the 1960's), then a math teacher for 44 years up to the present day. I became an atheist a few years ago. My hobbies are music and chess.

  • NoRhythm

    Music played by a skilled performer is always beautiful. Thank you for these festive songs.

  • Guest

    Thanksgiving to who? And why use songs of praise written for giving thanks to a god that you don’t believe? There are so many beautiful songs not written by people to praise their god. Strange choice. Atheists make humiliating remarks about god believers and yet use their songs of praise. Funny.

  • Edward Tarte

    I love beautiful musical qualities such as melody and harmony. For me this applies to many traditional Christmas carols. Also: Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis, Brahms’ A German Requiem, Gounod’s St. Cecilia Mass, Mozart’s Ave Verum, and much more. You can watch my 8th video in this series : Can An Atheist Love Religious Music? And read the 90 comments.

  • http://boldquestions.wordpress.com/ Ubi Dubium

    A nice melody is still a nice melody, regadless of the purpose for which it was written.   We’re not “using songs of praise”, we’re appreciating beautiful music, played by a talented pianist.  The only thanksgiving due here is to Edward, for putting in the hours of practice needed to play so well.

  • Ibis3

    Thanks, Edward. That was quite pleasant.

  • RobertoTheChi

    Very beautiful, Edward. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful talent with us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.burcham Bill Burcham

    Edward Tarte is awesome!