Penn Jillette: There’s No War on Christmas

In the video below, Penn Jillette talks about how there’s no war on Christmas and asks Christians who believe there is why they would go to such lengths to exclude people from the holiday season:

… Why do you want to leave people out? Why is it considered an attack to say “holidays,” to say “seasonal”? I mean, don’t you want other people to join you in joy? Why are you excluding other people? I don’t think there should be any sort of, you’re not allowed to say Christmas. I think you’re fine putting up your trees. I think you’re fine talking about Santa Claus and you’re fine talking about Jesus Christ, about equal to me. But why leave me out? Why do that? What’s your motive? And trying to turn around a “we want to leave you out,” into “why are you forcing us to not have our joy,” is insanity. It’s backwards.

(Thanks to Anh for the link!)

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