Heathen Holiday Card of the Day! (12/19)

Today’s card once again hails from the UK!

It was (independently) submitted by Caspar Melville (@CasparMelville) and Paul Sims (@NewHumanist), and designed by Martin Rowson (@MartinRowson) for the New Humanist magazine.

This one (PDF), while not necessarily super heathen-ish, made me chuckle nonetheless:

While this is a joke I’ve seen before, for some reason, saying it at a Nativity play is hilarious to me:

There is one more card you can see at the New Humanist website, and all are available for download for free (for those of you who are waiting until the last second for your Holiday cards… you know who you are!), but they welcome any donations to the Rationalist Association.

We’re starting to close in on Christmas, but don’t stop sending me your cards! As always, you can see the full collection here!

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