Jesus Can Save You! But I Hope He Doesn’t…

Upton Sinclair, in his book I, Candidate for Governor, says the line: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

That’s the first thing I thought of, anyway, when I saw this cartoon from nakedpastor:

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  • Bubbha

    This seems to be true of many professions

  • machinteligence

    Where you stand depends upon where you sit.

    • starskeptic

      …and where you kneel…

  • viaten

    Good, but not quite. The truth is a pastor must make his parishioners think they are very likely saved, but that it would be wrong for them to be too sure they’re saved. “You can’t be too sure you’re saved.” It keeps them coming back.

    But then, in a different sense, some extreme believers think, they also can’t be too sure they’re saved, and that you can’t praise the lord too much, etc. (“You can’t put too much water in a nuclear reactor”, for those who know the reference).

    • chicago dyke

      the best example of this is the ‘virgin/whore’ construct that so many religions apply to women. like sex? you’re a dirty slut who needs chastisement from gawd. hate sex? you’re failing in your duty to make babies (male babies) and fulfill your purpose that gawd intended for you and for the pleasure of your dominating husband.