Young Atheist Blogger Stabbed in Bangladesh

A 29-year-old Bangladeshi man is in critical condition after getting attacked:

Asif Mohiuddin

Asif Mohiuddin, 29, was attacked on Monday night by three unidentified men near his office in Dhaka’s upscale Uttara district.

“We operated on him for more than three hours. He is improving but still not out of danger. He has six deep cuts including two grave ones in the shoulder,” Haridas Saha, a surgeon at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, told AFP.

Why was Asif attacked like this? What horrible thing is he guilty of that caused his assailants to go after him?

He writes an atheist blog. That’s it. (Headlines are referring to him, not surprisingly, as a “militant atheist blogger,” though there is no evidence whatsoever of him writing with any violent intentions.)

His blog’s title page called the god “Almighty only in name but impotent in reality”.

In July last year, he ridiculed Muslims and the Koran in a satirical piece on “the mass conversion of supermen to Islam”. Ninety percent of Bangladesh’s 153 million people are Muslims and Islam is the state religion.

Asif did absolutely nothing to deserve this. Even if he had insulted people instead of ideas, he wouldn’t have deserved this. This is faith-based madness, and every decent person should stand in his defense. To accuse him of doing anything wrong means supporting his attackers for using violent methods to control non-violent speech.

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