The Christian Right Must Have Missed This Online Women’s Clothing Store

There’s an online clothing store called Nasty Gal that sells “unapologetically sexy” fashions for women.

It was brought to my attention recently because they sell articles of clothing with crosses on them. (No, really. That’s why.)

They sell tops with regular crosses, see-through crosses, and upside-down crosses; skirts with multiple crosses; boots with crosses on the sides… there are at least 3983232 forms of blasphemy all over the website (which I’m sure is what everyone cares about).

Some (possibly NSFW) images of these designs are below:

Ok, so here’s my question: Has Nasty Gal faced any backlash from Christian groups for their designs?

Considering how One Million Moms boycotted JCPenney’s for hiring a gay spokesperson, and how the American Family Association boycotted The Gap for not mentioning the word “Christmas” in advertising, this has to be the perfect bait for Christian conservatives, right?

I raised the question to a Nasty Gal spokesperson and she told me (via email): “We sell all of our ‘cross’ items without any complaints.”

I have to believe it’s because the Christian groups are simply unaware of Nasty Gal, not because they’re ok with what the store sells. If there’s one thing conservative Christians love to do, it’s butting into your life and letting you know what you can and cannot do (even when it doesn’t affect them one bit). Telling a company what they shouldn’t be selling seems right up their alley.

But if Nasty Gal has figured out how to sell provocative-yet-kinda-religious apparel to people who want it without upsetting those on the Religious Right, more power to them.

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